Thursday, August 5, 2010

The love keeps growing

Yesterday morning, I stopped by to see my favorite morning people. I ordered a nonfat Chai, like normal, and went on my merry way to work.

When I arrived to work, I discovered I had not received a nonfat Chai. They had given me a nonfat latte. YUCK! I do not drink coffee, at all! I can't even force myself to drink coffee. I was beyond bummed because I was looking forward to my drink.

But instead of sulking in my sorrow, I called my favorite morning people to let them know they had messed up. After explaining who I was, what I ordered, and reminding them that I stop by ALL the time. You know what they did? My favorite morning people said....OK Chick, please come by tomorrow and receive a free drink. SCORE!

This morning, I went by and what do you know??? They had a FREE drink waiting for me. Isn't that great? They also gave me a coupon for another free drink. You guys know how I feel about coupons and free stuff. LOVE THEM! Folks, now do you understand why these are my favorite morning people?

In other news, the phrase blowing up my phone means you received lots of calls/text messages. Your mission for the day, is to use the phrase once. Let me know how it works out.


Renee said...

blow up my phone and you die! a slow and painful death!

how's that? ;o)

I'm sure your morning folks were just busy and probably gave you someone else's drink...they're probably wondering why they got your tea. LOL!

TC said...

Why would you want us to use that phrase?!?!

Yay for the freebies! That's the way it should be done!

Newly and Forever, Tamantha said...

The Starbucks' here used to be excellent about that...above and beyond with customer service. Sadly, now, it's more "oops!" and "Sorry" with no rectification, more of an "Oh well" attitude...I hate it, but it's not worth the frustration to go anymore.

The Lj's said...

So should I be offended that you said your favorite morning people and I was not there? Have I been kicked off the favorite people list??

OK Chick said...

OH no! You are still lumped with my favorite morning people. I know you will return.