Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 5th of July

Monday I was a step closer to my wedding registry dream. You know, my dream of going to Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn to register for overpriced sheets, knives, and an ice cream scooper?

On the 5th of July, Sister #1 and I headed to Hometown, USA for a nice lunch with the family. While the food was being prepared I was stalking, I mean looking on Facebook. When my mom announced lunch was ready I just walked away from the computer to begin eating.

After the kitchen was cleaned I decided to take advantage of my parent's expensive cable. I was totally into HGTV and zoned out to everyone else around me. They were remodeling the outside of a single guy's house. Interesting episode. Anyway, where was I? Oh right.

After the episode was over, I realize that I heard giggling coming from the kitchen. My sisters don't giggle. We aren't a giggle family. So I found it odd that giggling was coming from my sisters.

I went to the kitchen to see what was so funny.

What's so funny?


What are you two doing?

Explosive of laughter between the two ding dongs.

We made some changes to your Facebook page.


You changed my profile picture? Whatever.

YOU CHANGED MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS TO ENGAGED! Oh Lord, take that off my facebook!

End of conversation.

I thought...the conversation was over. We all had a good laugh about me being engaged. Single girl, who can't get a date, is all the sudden engaged. HA! HA! After the group laugh, I thought the sisters changed my Facebook status back to single, because that's what they should have done!

They didn't listen to me, which is typical!

At 9:30pm, my mom called angry with me. One of my aunts had just called to see if I was really engaged, and wanted to know why no one in the family had met the guy. My mom was not happy. I quickly changed my relationship status back to single, which I must say is a low blow even if it is all a joke. I'm not going to lie, I was slightly embarrassed that my Facebook status had been set to "engaged" for the most part of the day.

But I've been thinking.....

I was engaged for about 8 hours. The equivalent to a work day. I believe that is sufficient time to hit up PB and WS to begin a registry list. DANG IT! I totally missed out. Stupid, stupid! I'll know better next time someone screws with my Facebook relationship status. I'll make them pay....literally! You know, I'm registering for All-Clad pans and those suckers aren't cheap.


Gena said...

Oh my goodness, that's funny. Makes me want a sister for some strange reason.

Anonymous said...

hahah go ahead and put your pans on the registry, I get a discount!!! And sorry the engagement was short lived. Don’t forget you have the best sisters ever!!!!!!
Sister #1

Renee said...

that's totally something that my brothers would have done to me if given the chance too. siblings are so silly that way. sigh!

too bad they gave your relatives a jolt there.

Julie M. said...

If you register, I'll get you the ice cream scoop! What's the status on Pistol Pete? Is your second date this weekend or was it last?

Bone said...

I never saw that you were engaged, but I did see the notification that you'd changed your status to single. I wondered what it had been before that.

Congratu... oh, too late.

amy nickerson said...

I saw it and thought, DANG I guess she was wrong about Pistol Pete! LOL