Monday, May 17, 2010

Weight Loss Competition Update

Folks, I have exciting news. Please, pay attention! This morning I had my second weigh-in for the crazy weight loss contest I've entered.

Guess what? I've lost a total of 5lbs. I'm still hanging in there.

I have four weeks left of the competition, and you better believe I'm done eating solid foods. I'm going to try the Jennifer Aniston baby food diet.

Kidding. I think. I'm pretty sure I'm kidding on that last point.

Actually, I'm going to work-out like a mad woman. I mean, more than I already do, which is pretty close to working out like a mad woman, but not quite there yet.

Today's hottie is the beach, because I want to remind myself why I'm busting my butt. Also, the beach is hot.

By the way, I will not be visiting this beach. I thought the picture was pretty. This beach is in Africa. I'm hoping for Florida, but Africa would be cool.


Renee said...

yay for you! I guess I need to cut out paying for fancy coffee with whipped cream if I wanna get down 5 or more pounds. *pout* but now that I am going to FL I really need to get down.

I should also get off this computer and go exercise.

TC said...

Are the two of you going to Florida together?!?! And you didn't invite me?!?!?!

OK Chick said...

TC, you are always invited on my adventures. Please, join us.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Hey, I think we just commented at the same time on Harmonious House!

Good luck on your weight loss...I've only been successful one time about 8 years ago when I lost 20 really takes focus and I kept it off for a long time...and now here I am 10 lbs. heavier again!

Julie M. said...

Way to go! It sounds like you're doing everything right. I love that beach picture, it's making me want to get in the car and head for the coast right this second!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

The Lj's said...

I am back this week... I will be there Monday, Thursday and Friday morning! Sorry your drink is not as good... change of pretty much the whole crew!

Bone said...


Also, I heard somewhere that you and Renee were going to the beach together. Is that true?