Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hot Guy a Day in the Month of May

Welcome to Tuesday!

I'm sure it will be a great day. Right, Bradley?


Michelle said...

Oh yay! Bradley made the list! Can't even recall what movies he is in, but he's a keeper :)

Anonymous said...

Just Gorgeous!!!
I would like to suggest Vin Diesel & Paul Walker… Fast & the Furious good movie!!
Sister #1

Renee said...

he reminds me of my PA http://www.saddlerockfp.com/becker.htm

OK Chick said...

We will see Sister #1. Stay tuned. Paul Walker is a possibility but I don't know about Diesel.

Renee- I kind of see it, but Bradley is pretty hot, and I can't say that I think your PA is hot. HA!

Michelle- You are welcome. But I think he's pretty stinkin' cute, so he was going on the list no matter what! HA!

Morgandi said...

I have a major crush on this guy! Thanks for posting the pic...made my day.