Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gary England

Yesterday I planned to post a Weekend Update. I had a great weekend. I went to Hometown, USA for Mother's Day, and spent a good amount of the weekend around old friends. You know the friends that make you happy to be alive? Yes, those people. However, I did not get around to writing the post, because yesterday the bottom fell out of the sky.

Folks, it's tornado season around here, which makes me jump for joy. There's just something about tornado season for anyone from around these parts of the woods. It's exciting, yet scary.

Yesterday, I was sitting in a meeting when my office's receptionist came over the intercom announcing that the sh*t has hit the fan, and we all need to hit the floor immediately. Ok, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. I believe she simply said to be aware of the weather.

After the announcement my meeting dismissed and I went back to my office. As I was walking down the hallway I found my entire department had jumped ship due to the storm. Now, this annoyed me because my coworkers left me to fight the storm ALONE. I mean come on, don't they know you are not suppose to leave a solider behind. Sure, I'm not a solider, but we're family around here!!!! Well, I guess we are not family around here! But one brave coworker was still working, and informed me that I had 10 minutes to get home before the storm hit my office. I flew out of my office like Starbucks was having a sale on nonfat Chai.

Apparently, everyone heard about the Starbucks sale because all of OKC was out on the roads trying to get home, which caused me not to beat the storm. The highlight of the afternoon was when the hail starting hitting my car, and the tornado sirens went off for about 10 minutes. I just turned up the radio. What? It was a good song, and I've heard the tornado sirens before.

Today's hot guy is my #1 weather guy! Gary England, job well done yesterday. You kept me advised, which kept me alive! I realize people from outside the Oklahoma bubble do not understand my love for this man, but just go with me. If you ever come visit me during tornado season, you'll develop a deep love for him too.


LB said...

Pretty much died laughing at "everyone heard about the sale at Starbucks" hahaha

Cap'n John said...

Glad you made it home unscathed. As a SoCal resident I've experienced plenty of Earthquakes but no Tornadoes. I don't mind the shaking of a quake but when I watch the Storm Chaster documentaries or the online videos and the wind starts howling and things start flying around, the hair on my neck just stands right up. Earthquakes? Bring 'em on! Tornadoes? Scary as all hell.

Renee said...

One thing I don't miss about living in TX is the lovely tornado season...it's kinda like hurricane season in FL and wild fire season in CO. Hummm I gotta find a place to live that doesn't have natural disasters!
LA- tornadoes
FL- hurricanes
WV- floods
Korea- hurricanes
CO- tornadoes, hail & wild fires

hummm I seem to be a glutton for punishment. ;o)

AK said...

I totally have a crush on him.... It will be a sad day when Gary is not there to tell me when to take cover.

Gena said...

I love you. Thanks for making me laugh.

Chell said...

I had to laugh yesterday as I heard Gary Say "Put on your helmets, your long sleeves, long pants and long shoes." LOL I left work almost at a perfect time. Got home just in time for tornado #1 in Yukon.

Amy in Edmond said...

If you like Gary England fine, but I don't like his hometown. I drove through there once and got a ticket. Yuck.

TC said...

I flew out of my office like Starbucks was having a sale on nonfat Chai.

ROFL That was perfect

Lori said...

I, too, have a great love for Gary. He's the only weatherman I trust...and everyone in Alabama thinks I'm crazy for referring to the weatherman by his first name. They don't understand his importance in my life...and their weathermen don't understand what a tornado actually looks like! Glad you were safe!

monamachel1 said...

I was totally going to tell you to put Jim Cantore as a hot guy!! This guy will do too!!