Friday, April 9, 2010

The way we roll- Part II

Redbud Classic is a great race that takes place every April. It's been around for 28 years, and it's a full weekend event. Saturday morning they start with the bike races- 10/30/50 mile races. Then, Saturday night everyone involved is invited to enjoy (for a fee) some pasta at the pond. Sunday afternoon, the event ends with a 5K, 10K, or 2 mile stroller walk. It's a great event. My dad and I have been participating in the race for over 5 years.

Yesterday at 3:30pm I made a rather snap decision. I decided this year I would bike and run in the Redbud Classic. Normally, my dad and I run the 10K race on Sunday afternoon.

Blogger World, I have never entered a bike race. I don't even own a bike. It's true. I've signed up for a bike race, without owning a bike. Luckily, my father was into biking one summer, and has agreed to let me borrow his bike.

I believe I can do the bike portion of the race. It's only 10 miles. I think I can do 10 miles. I biked 8 for the triathlon. Of course, it was with a stationary bike, but a real bike is like stationary. Right?

Yesterday, R&R and I were texting about this race. He gave me some great advice. I'm assuming it's great advice, I didn't understand the advice he was giving me. He mentioned something about gears? Gears? I really have no clue about biking. I don't even know the course for this race. Lord, there's probably some massive mountains on the course. I can all ready see it and I will be cussing up a storm.

Folks, let's hope the 10 mile bike race is full of moms carrying their small children on the back of their bikes. Also, let's all pray for flat surfaces. Oh yes, flat surfaces!


Gena said...

Oh yeah. You've got this one in the bag. The weather is going to be perfect. Happy biking!

Renee said...

did he tell you what the gears do?

Basically what I do with the gears is if it feels too hard to pedal, switch to a lower gear. the lower the gear the more times you have to pedal to cover the same distance.

Have a great time! I'm sure you'll be fine on the bike, just try to stay away from everyone else out there so no one runs into each other.

Victoria said...

My dad and brother are helping at the races and dinner! Good luck!! I'm sure you will do great!

Bone said...

I think a real bike is better than a stationary, because you can coast some.

Gears are no problem... just as long as the chain doesn't come off while you're changing them :)

Wait, who's R&R? Is that blind-date-guy?

Good luck! Keep us up-to-date on the curse word count.