Monday, April 12, 2010

Redbud Running Thoughts

Yesterday, I ran a 10K. It took me over an hour to run 6 miles, which is about normal for me. Sorry folks, I'm not a speedy runner. To pass the time during the race, I had many entertaining thoughts. Here are my Redbud Running Thoughts...

I sure hope Sister #1 was smart enough to follow the mass of people running the 5K.
(A few years ago she got lost in a race. No joke)

Dang it lady! Don't stop right in front of me. Geez why are you even up in the front? If you are going to walk GET YOUR BUTT IN THE BACK! Why is this so hard for people? Really why!

I think she was in some of my MBA classes. What is her name? Kristen? No that's not it.

I ran my first mile in 8 minutes. OK Chick, that is way too fast. You better slow down or you will be sucking air at mile 4.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP....running enemy at 2:00. Pass her, pass her, pass her. Gotta her.

Who made this awesome playlist? Oh, I believe you did OK Chick.

Holy cat fight what is that lady wearing! Orange top with neon green paid shorts. HAHA she looks goofy.

Dang it! Running enemy is back, Where did she come from? Pass her, pass her, pass her!

Is there a new water stop? Why is everyone moving to the right side of the road? There are sprinkles!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! Oh that felt good. Lord, I would like to give a shout out to that family!

Sing with me now...
we want pre-nup. WE WANT PRE-NUP!, yeah

I wonder if they will have yogurt at the finish line?

What in the world is this chick's tattoo? Is that roses? Yup, those are roses. What's the stuff on her shoulder? Dang it, she ran off.

Did she just give me the challenge look? Listen hot pink tank top woman, I will take you down. I know I'm walking but I'm a fast walker. Look at these legs! You want to race? Ok, let's go.
Oh, so you are one of those walkers. The mall walkers. Fine, I'll let you win this time.

Tattoo girl is back. Ok, so we have roses, possibly stars, and what is on the shoulder? A cat? What the crap?

SHUT UP...more sprinklers!

Sweetheart, I need more than half a cup of Powerade. Come on! It's 80 degrees out here. Really? I only get half a cup. I hate you!

I think I'll have scrambled eggs for dinner. Yup eggs with some Laughing Cow Cheese.

Almost done. Last water stop. Oh honey, I'm getting 2 waters. The last water stop cheated me out of Powerade.

I see running enemy up ahead. I wonder if I could catch up to her. Nah, I'm ok.

I see the finish line. I see my family!!! YEAH water awaits me. Another race under my belt.


Renee said...

dd says "interesting thoughts!"

I found it quite humorous! Reminds me of some of the babble that goes through my head when I'm walking. he he

What gets me is that you remember all of this...that's awesome!

Cap'n John said...

Here's a goal for next year :)

Kelly T said...

Truly, the people who are walking in the front just slay me. I love how you said, "why is this so hard for people?"... that is what I want to know every time!!

Gena said...

This is my favorite post ever. You could make a career out of these race thoughts. Funny.

Anonymous said...

The only thought going through my head at a race... am I going the right direction? This cracks me up!!!
Sister #1

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Kara said...

LOL. I get runner's rage when confronted with walkers. I've had to stop doing ar ace here in my home down becuase it's an out and back, they don't close any roads so you've got like 6,000 people jammed onto footpaths and they release the 5k walkers half an hour after the runners. So you're on your way back 8k down, 2k to go and suddenly you're confronted by a group of three plodders side by side completly blocking the footpath, chatting away happily and ignoring the runners backed up behind them who can't get around because they might be hit by a car because the stupid city council refused to allow a road closure!!

Man I got seriously steamed.

TC said...

Oh man, I love your random thoughts.