Friday, February 5, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

This morning I'm lacking in creative juices. It's not you guys, it's me. I'm hung over from Advil PM. In effort to post something, but not really say anything, I give you an updated These are a few of my favorite things post. Love them, hate them, whatever.

1) The sun
It's been a rough winter for us Okies. True, we've only had a couple massive snow storms and a few days of negative/zero temperature, but I didn't really sign up for this type of winter. You see, I live in Oklahoma, the land of the wind/tornadoes, not the land of freezing cold winters.

2) Happy Hour
Last night I went to Happy Hour with an old friend. It was really fun, and reminded me that cheap food and drinks are ok. Also, it's a good excuse to have Chips and Salsa for dinner.
3) Stonyfield Farm Yogurt
I don't really buy into the organic is better for you. However, this organic yogurt is really good. I mean, really good, almost Fiber One quality. Also, I'm able to pronounce every ingredient in this yogurt.
4) My new fleece
Blogger World, this is the fleece that kept me warm for all the snow days. Isn't it cool? I thought so too. I would like to thank the folks at Columbia/Mountain Hardwear for creating such a warm/cute fleece.


Gena said...

I spent 5 minutes trying to decide between that yogurt versus the cheap brand. I'm wishing I wouldn't have let the price difference sway me. Next time!

Renee said...

oooh I like that fleece. Must find for me. :D

The Lj's said...

I love Stoneyfield farms... nothing beats it YUMMY!

LB said...

You can come over and then I can take you to the restaurant Ri Le where a nice old Vietnamese man with smiling eyes will make it for you and be so proud you ordered soy instead of beef :) It's divine!

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

I feel you on the cold, it is snowing AGAIN here today! Where did you get that fleece top?

OK Chick said...


I got the fleece at a Columbia store. I bet they have some at Snow and Ski Sports or Backwoods.

TC said...

I had a Fiber One bar the other day and thought of you.

I, too, like the fleece.