Friday, February 19, 2010

A family affair

Currently I'm training for a triathlon. Now before you think I'm some super fit chick, let me explain. This is a small indoor triathlon. It's the kind of race that makes real triathletes roll their eyes.

Last night I went swimming. Nothing new with me going swimming; but last night was my first night to swim with my swim cap. I purposely planned to go swim later so no one could check out how awesome I would look in my swim cap, which sadly this picture isn't my swim cap. But seriously, how awesome would this swim cap be? Anyway, I get to the pool and quickly scanned the pool area to see what lucky soul would witness my first swim cap swim. I spotted some High School kids sitting in the corner. I wasn't really worried about them because they're HS kids, and whatever I do is going to be dorky to them. Despite the HS crowd I put the swim cap over my ponytail, and began my swim. The first lap went great. I felt like Michael Phelps.

After a couple laps and starting to feel ok about the awesome swim cap, Sister #2 walked into the pool area. She came to laugh at me. After she got a good laugh at me, Sister #1 walked into the pool area. Yes, both sisters came to laugh at me in my awesome swim cap. I hate my sisters! Ok not really. Sister #2 was actually very helpful. She sat on the edge of the pool and helped me with my flip turn around thing. I never got the flip, but she kept trying to help. Well, in between laughs. Sister #1 was no help at all. She basically floated and dog paddled in the lane next to me.

The moral of this post...never tell your sisters you are going swimming while wearing your new swim cap.


Renee said...

Yes, siblings can be a pain. However, they'll be your biggest cheerleaders when you do the race!

Hugs! Just keep the Michael Phelps image in your head and you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

haha hey it was some intense dog paddling, I felt the burn!!!
Sister #1

Axe 'em Jacks said...

This cracks me up....I love your family! See your life would rather boring without me!

Bone said...

How many laps did you do? I did two laps at the Olympic pool last year and I was wiped!

I think a swim cap pic of OKC would really add to this post.

Gena said...

That is a cute swimming cap. How I wish I had sisters to make fun of me in a swimming pool. You're super lucky.

TC said...

I don't see what they were laughing at if your real hat wasn't the one in the pic. Now that hat, oh yeah!

Amy in Edmond said...

To bad you couldn't wear the flowered swim cap for your triathalon. It's so cute. I know the lack of aero dynamics with the flowers could mess up your pace.

OK Chick said...

Bone- You have a better chance of seeing pigs fly, than a picture of me with my swim cap. It's just not going to happen. :) Also, I swam 10-12 laps.

Gena- I have two you can borrow anytime.

Paul said...

It doesn't matter how far the race is... you are putting your toe on the start line. For the pool swim, I highly recommend the cannonball entry.

Flip turns are over-rated... but if you want a good progression on how to get there, check out these vidoes:

Looking forward to the results.