Thursday, January 14, 2010


Friday I visited the library to check out books for my upcoming trip. While browsing the books I stumbled upon the library's DVD collection. As I was glancing at their educational/boring selection I noticed a whole set of workout DVDs. One that caught my eye was Zumba. Anyone out there ever done Zumba? Me neither. As you can imagine, I checked out the Zumba DVD so I could check out the workout.

Last night I tried Zumba. Ok, not really. Actually, I laid on my bed and watched the workout DVD. Is there any other way to do a workout DVD? Oh, you mean you are suppose to participate? Right. Well, earlier in the day I had swam a bunch of laps and ran a mile, so the thought of trying to translate what the Spanish speaking instructor was saying and following along with the workout wore me out. It was easier to just watch the DVD workout, while eating my cheese. Needless to say, Zumba did nothing for me. But by the look of the lady on the DVD cover, I might need to learn the Hottest Latin Dance Workout.


Gena said...

While eating my cheese... Thanks. I needed that.

Renee said...

hee hee. I always get annoyed with these folks who have never had an ounce of fat on them coming out with some exercise routine that will help me loose my fat...ummm how?

instead show me some person who used to weigh a ton who lost it all with something sensible and maybe I'll look into it. No drastic diet required, no suddenly turning into an exercise fiend.

Michelle said...

My SIL just started doing this at UCO and loves it, and she has tried several things. She keeps talking about how her waist is shrinking. So proud of her!