Friday, January 29, 2010

How to kill time in a snow storm

Ok, now pay attention because this post is full of valuable information. This is a step-by-step proocess on how to properly kill time when stuck inside your house. And yes, I do become a bit more dramatic when I'm isolated from everyone.

Step 1: Watch Lots of TV
I would recommend that you have expensive cable for this first step. However, I'm cheap so I was stuck watching the local news ALL day. Blogger World, I'm stressing ALL DAY, because that's all that was on during the day. See, the local news has the ability to high-jack the network, and just air themselves. It's true! All day yesterday I had no Ellen, no Martha Stewart, no lame soap operas, no Dr. Phil, and no Oprah. By the way, you think I'm dramatic...

Step 2: Clean House
Yesterday this was my pile of laundry. I'd like to tell you it's off my couch, but it's not. It's still there. But today I'm folding and putting away all of these clothes and towels. Actually, see that beach towel at the bottom of the pile, the blue one? I've already put it up. Go me! But the rest of my house is really clean...really clean!

Step 3: Cook Everything in your Pantry
The first picture is today's breakfast. It was tasty. Thank you Pioneer Woman for the Egg-in-a-Hole recipe (I think that's what it's called). It was pretty tasty. All the other pictures were things I cooked yesterday, and I didn't even take a picture of dinner. It was another Pioneer Woman recipe, and it was tasty too. I'm thinking this Pioneer Woman knows how to cook!
Please ignore the coupons. I plan to cut them today...I promise.
And for all that is holy, please ignore the dirty Pizza Stone. I swear it's been cleaned.
By the way, this soup is amazing. I had it for lunch and froze the rest.
Ok, sadly that's all I have. I spent most of the day cleaning my house. I figured if I was going to be stuck inside the house without electricity, I might as well make sure it's a clean house. However, I still have electricity...thank goodness! Today, I plan to do some heavy duty dustying, more cooking, and reading. I might even bust out one of my new movies.


ann said...

That is almost EXACTLY how I spent my day. As someone who also is stuck with broadcast, I suggest you get Netflix. Their "watch instantly" selection comes in quite handy on days like this!

Renee said...

Your state of emergency picture doesn't look all that snowy. It looks a lot like how my snow storm looked. Did you even get hit?

I'm glad you got to clean the house...if you're bored you can come here and clean mine, but it needs organizing first. ;o)

Stay safe and warm.

OK Chick said...

WEll, we received ice first (yesterday) and today we're getting snow. At least it's a pretty snow.

Scotty said...

There hasnt been too much ice though, right?

I got to Dallas last night (from Ohio) and it was POURING. Craziness.

OK Chick said...

Scotty...we are right by each other- 2 1/2 hours away.

We probably have a couple inches of ice. It rained/sleeted for about 10 hours, so I'd say the roads are bad.

Gena said...

Oohhh....what movies? We watched Management. It was really good.

OK Dude said...

I still have the expensive cable. So I have watched way too much of it. I have cleaned some.

I cooked chocolate chip cookie skillet thing, and I made chicken tortilla soup for lunch. I had to find a new recipe from my three usual ones because I had to find what matched what I had in the cabinet. It is so good. I made a nutella smoothie for breakfast. It was good. I am going to make something with eggs and bacon tomorrow for breakfast.

I have started reading some books that I started this summer on designing parks, so hopefully that will help me keep my sanity!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

My kids hate you because I miss read your blog yesterday. I thought your house was already clean when I read your blog yesterday morning, so I made my kids clean my house yesterday.

Today they have done laundry. Check out my blog and see what I have been doing.

Tomorrow you could go sledding with Jarrett and Justin.

I have all the tools for clearing driveways if you want to do that. The boys and I cleared the ice off of the driveway that isn't under the truck. Later when Bill ran an errand, he said you couldn't tell we had done anything because of the snow. He also thinks it will take him several days to get in his truck since it is iced over.

OK Chick said...

WOW OK Dude...I want some of your food. It sounds good. Yesterday, I used up all the milk and egss, so I'm limited on my cooking.

Gena- I watched What Happens in Vegas. Great movie. I've decided since I can't get a date, I'm going to hang out in Vegas and find a drunk hot guy to marry. Oh then we'll win 3 million dollars.

Amy-Sledding sounds really fun. I think I just might do that this afternoon.

LB said...

I am following your advice to the t except for cleaning. By the way, I ran an eleven minute mile even though I only ran one fast one. Legs are tricky things.