Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shameless Plug!

Come shop tonight at Adora and 10% of your sales will go to Relay for Life!


Renee said...

that's a pretty long commute for me and I have an important appointment tomorrow that I can't miss!

Victoria said...

soooo funny/creepy blog stalking story...I'm 99% sure we talked at Adora tonight. I was buying a purple and grey shirt and you said "Hey I have that and I wore it in some pictures I took for my parents!" And I got to thinking hmmm she looks familiar(not like I've ever met you in real life but I've seen pictures on your blog) so I was looking at your blog and saw the post about Adora tonight and then saw the pictures of you IN THE PURPLE SHIRT. And then I realized OH MY GOODNESS that was YOU! ...I think. hahahaha i think it's hilarious that that would happen since we've never even met in real life.