Monday, December 7, 2009

Lessons Learned from Expensive Cable

This weekend was pretty blah! All weekend I did the same three things; baby-sit other people's kids, work, and watch Lifetime movies/expensive cable. I know, can we say fun with a capital F!
Today marks week #2 of expensive cable. I've reached the half way mark, and I must say I've picked up a few things from the extended channels. For example....

I do not trust a skinny cook. Saturday morning I was watching Sandra Lee's cooking show. She was making appetizers for one of her fancy parties. I'm sure it was a party where she will look beautiful, serve food that only matches her outfit, and serve a cocktail that matches her couch. But as I was watching her show, I decided she probably has no idea what her stuff mushroom taste like because she hasn't tried one since 1984. If I'm going to listen to someone who cooks, they better look like they eat. This is why I love Paula Deen. She looks like she eats. She's a real woman. She uses butter for crying out loud!

A gallon of paint, screw driver, hammer, dirt, and a 2X4 is all you need to make a room awesome! Oh and a $1,000, because every project cost $1,000.

If someone breaks into my car, I feel confident that I can track down the bad guy. You see, first I would dust for finger prints. Then I would run the finger prints on Oklahoma State Police computer program. Finally, after talking with my super cute lab guy, I would track down the dude. Simple as pie!

Does Hannah Montana think we are stupid? Duh, we all know that it's really Miley dressed in a wig. Also, why is her brother so goofy? He's suppose to be older, but yet he hangs out with what appears to be a seven year old name Rico. I don't get it. But, I do like some of the clothes she wears on the show. What? They're cute.

Like I said at the start, I watched a lot of TV this weekend. Hey, I never said it was good TV.


Anonymous said...

You know it's a boring weekend when you start watching Miley!

Amy in Edmond said...

I like Paula alot because she loves butter. I saw the movie Julie and Julia last night, she used a lot of butter also.

I think I have Justin straightened out. I showed him on the way to school where you live. If he doesn't get it this time, I will have to walk to your house when you are there to make the connection for him. After that if he doesn't get it, well we will have to chalk it up, that he would loose his head if it wasn't attached.

Anonymous said...

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