Thursday, December 31, 2009

For those of us who fear of falling on the treadmill.

Blogger World, today you are in for a treat. I have a guest blogger, MJ. Yes, MJ is the same MJ I blogged about last week. Go ahead, I know you all want to scroll down and look at his picture again. We'll wait. Better? So folks, Happy New Year and I'm now turning it over to MJ. Take it way MJ.....

I am very excited to be a guest blogger on OK Chick's highly acclaimed blog. Here is a story for all of you faithful readers to enjoy. This is 100% true.

I am training for the full marathon, which is in OKC in April. I have been training a month now and 3 miles is now nothing. Such a great point to reach. However, yesterday I made a classic mistake in the world of running.

So I go to run my usual 3 miles. No big deal. Right? One minor detail you will need to know before we start the running story. Earlier today, the OKC Thunder was hosting a blood drive downtown. Of course they were giving free game tickets if you went and donated, so I did. I usually donate blood and laugh at people when they faint. I have never fainted in my life...

After I donated blood at 1 pm, I went and saw Avatar. Not in 3D...too soon...they were sold out. I had to see it in regular vision. Whatever. So I ate a great dinner and I am feeling on top of my game. I then decide,'s time to run. It's been a while since I donated blood, so I am good to go.

8 pm rolls around. I go to the gym and get on my usual treadmill. However, I look to my left and see my best friend Austin from high school. I haven't seen Austin since we graduated in 2002. So, yeah, I was excited to talk to him after I ran. Here is where the story gets good. I look down and realize I need to speed up my usual 6.5 speed to a 10. I have this thing where I have to finish a 5k in less than 25 minutes. It's a guy thing. So, I increased my pace. I was feeling good and almost done. Then all of a sudden with .15 of a mile left...I started feeling weird. My vision was getting blurry. "Oh well, I need to finish" is what ran across my mind. The minute I am done, I push the stop button. Something hits me like a train. My vision is quickly fading. My hands are shaking. My friend Austin (high school buddy) looks at me and says "are you okay? You are GREEN!" I respond...yeah I just need to sit....and that is all I remember. I PASSED OUT ON THE FLOOR. How embarrassing! I have NEVER passed out. Ever. So after a couple of seconds, I come to and see Austin and the owner of the gym standing over me. I have just realized I passed out. I got Gatoraid and many sad looks from fellow gym members.

I passed out. End of story. Don't donate blood and run in the same day. Choose one. Only one.


ann said...

I was on the cot next to the infamous MJ while he gave blood. :) Since you can only donate blood once every eight weeks, I'd suggest you do that one day, then run the other 55 days. Well, if you're into running. :) I'm glad the treadmill had stopped before you passed out!

Renee said...

I'm glad that you didn't pass out on the treadmill while it was going. ouch!
I'm also glad you donated blood. That's so awesome.

I wonder if more fluids would have helped?

I know every time I donated blood they said I looked aweful. whatever, it was for a good cause.

OK Dude said...

MJ, I have passed out before, but nothing as good as your story. I guess when I get shots sometimes I pass out. Not right at first but 10 minutes later.

The last time I passed out, I got the shot and was in line to pay the lady at the desk and the next thing I know I hear a cathod and I wake up from having a dream about having Spanish class with dinosaurs to see everyone in the lobby standing over me to see if I am OK.

SuzSpeaks said...

I'm glad you were at least done running... could have been very painful... ouch! glad you're ok!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing, I was shaking my head thinking "it must be a guy thing, if my vision was blurry I would have at LEAST slowed down" LOL. Great story and one you can tell for a long time to come!

Gena said...

I won't give blood for that exact reason. Can't handle the passing out part.

Anonymous said...

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