Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday

I would like to extend a huge Happy Birthday to these furry friends. Of course like all young kiddos in the 80s/90s, I watched Sesame Street. I went between Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, and Inspector Gadget. Even as a child I watched multiple TV shows! I liked Sesame Street because it took place in NYC. See, even back as a young kid I liked NYC. Maybe Mr. Rogers took place in Portland, that could explain the love for P-Town. Anyway, on Sesame Street I was always partial to Big Bird, probably because I'm tall, or maybe because my favorite color used to be yellow. Who was your favorite?

Today, these guys are celebrating their 40th birthday. I think that's pretty cool. It says on Wikipedia, the source of all knowledge, that Sesame Street is the longest running children's program on US television. Not bad Sesame Street, not bad.

So here's to you Sesame Street, may my children get to watch you as well. Well, if I ever get a decent first date that would lead to a second date. But if all that works out....my children will watch you guys too!


Renee said...

I think that Ernie was my favorite. I could do his laugh. I was a huge fan. When they had their 30th anniversary, I was shocked that DH & BIL wouldn't admit that they had ever watched it. Apparently they were "too old" for it when it first came on. Yeah right! I was still watching it in my 20's (before child) and then again of course after she was born.
Just last night DD & I were watching them on YouTube.

I miss Kermit!

Stacey said...

Big Sesame Street fan, but I think Grover was my favortie. "Near...far".

Bone said...

I think I liked Ernie the best. I have no idea why.

But Mister Rogers trumped Sesame Street in my book.

TC said...

Oscar was my fave.

But I'm with Bone: I was more of a Mr. Roger's girl.

I gotta say though... it's time for google to move on. A whole week dedicated to sesame street characters? Enough's enough, google. No one else gets this much attention.