Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's for the kids?

Today, at work is fundraiser day. It's a big deal around the office. Through out the day lots of food will be consumed and major fundraising will take place. One of the ways we raise money is by silent auction baskets. Today is the last day to place bids on the silent auction baskets. In the past I've always walked away with a basket, usually because Sister #1 and I split the cost and items in the basket. This year I thought I would let you guys help us pick out a basket. There's lots of good ones this year, and I'm having a hard time deciding. Here are my favorites....

1) A local college basket- includes gcards to an ice cream shop, burger shack, 2 t-shirts, money for the concession stand, and 4 football tickets.

2) Harvest Basket- includes fun fall jams and bread/muffin mixes.
3) Airplane Tickets or U2 Concert Tickets- I can either bid on 2 rountrip airplane tickets or 2 tickets to U2 Concert. The negative for U2 is I'll have to find someone to go with me, which isn't always an easy task. But it would be cool to see U2 in concert. I'm leaning more towards the airplane tickets, because it will give me another excuse to go somewhere. The plane tickets are up to $500 and U2 is at $175.
4) Tool Set- I'm single therefore I need tools.
5) Movie Basket- everything you need for a movie night. There's a Blockbuster gcard, movie passes, candy, cokes, ect. It's kind of cute.

Please place your picks right now. No us out bidding stops at 2.


Betcorn said...

Go for the airplane tickets. Always spread your wings and fly.

Holly said...

I like the fall basket. The airplane tickets might be good, but that might too high a price. I mean if you can fly anywhere in the world with them, go for it!

OK Chick said...

The fall basket is up to 180 and the airplane tickets are up to 625. I was thinking I could use the tickets to fly to Portland and right now it's over 300 to fly to Portland. Also, the tickets are good for Alaska, Cananda, and Central America.

Anonymous said...

I like the fall basket looks likes it has some good PG products!!!

But of course the airplane tickets probably fit you best.

Sister #1

Renee said...

well I didn't see this in time but I was going to argue against the tickets stating that they could be useless if you don't have enough vacation time.

I think the one you got was good!

Bone said...

Ha! This reminds me of The Office when they had the Crime Aid auction. Michael said he had Bruce Springsteen tickets, but then he didn't actually have any.

You need to start watching so we can discuss it.