Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dear OK Chick...

Dear OK Chick,

First off, I’m a huge fan of your blog. You always entertain me with your witty post!
I noticed a few months back you did a post called Dear OK Chick. You answered two different reader’s emails about dating. Well, I have a question about dating and would love for you to post a Dear OK Chick for me. I need your expertise. See, I met a guy in the grocery store and I believe he was hitting on me, but I’m not 100% sure. Maybe you can help me?

Here’s the story….
I was scanning the chocolate bar aisle, looking for a certain chocolate bar, when someone beside me asked me if I was looking for something specific. I turned to find a very attractive male behind me. I immediately gave him my full attention and told him about a certain chocolate bar I wanted to purchase. Since I couldn’t find my chocolate bar I asked him what chocolate he was looking for. He said, “I don’t know, that’s why I thought I’d ask you for a recommendation.” We made small talk for about seven minutes, small talk he instigated. We talked about ‘upscale grocery stores’ and how we both do not live close to one, but are willing to drive the short distance to get what we wanted, which resulted in talking about where we each live. This also led to conversations about where he worked. After we ended our conversation we went on our separate ways. I went to the produce section, he went to the meats. We later ran into each other in another isle and this time I instigated the conversation and asked specific questions. He apologized for not having a business card on him and I brushed it off and pretended to not be interested. Obviously, this couldn’t be farther from the truth; I just didn’t want to look desperate for a phone number. OK Chick, was he hitting on me? I can’t decide if he was being friendly or if he was hitting on me. I felt a good chemistry between us and I would like to send him a friendly/flirty email.

Desperate to know

Dear Desperate to know,

Thank you so much for the flattering compliments. It’s always nice to hear a compliment.
Ok, on to your problem. Desperate to know, I can’t say I have a lot of experience with being hit on at the grocery store, or hit on ever. So I’m going to turn this question over to my other friends in Blogger World. I believe they can help you. Blogger World, please help desperate to know…..


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think he was interested for the following reasons.
1. He approached you first.
2. He word vomited. You know, the term right? It's were you babble when you are nervous.

My vote is he was hitting on you.

TC said...

Anonymous is so right.

He was definitely hitting on you. You made a BIG mistake by pretending you weren't interested. Even if he didn't have a business card, if you'd made out like you were interested he'd have gotten your number.

TC said...

PS: Keep going back to the store. Chances are he will, too. And next time, YOU approach him!

Anonymous said...

I think he was hitting on you/interested:
1-He approached you first
2-He talked to you for more than a minute (didn't run away after you guys made eye contact)
3-When you approached him after the chocolates he responded back to you.

I agree with TC keep going back to the store and maybe you will see him again. Make sure to get his number, or he gets your number.

Good Luck!!
Sister #1

Renee said...

I'm wondering why you're asking?

Was there something he did or said that made you think he wasn't interested?

Cap'n John said...

Why might he not have been interested? Because he apologized for not having a business card on him, thus possibly implying that talking to her was potentially business-related.

I had a fellow in Target start talking to me in the video game section, and barely a minute or so into the conversation I recognized it as the introductory spiel for a pyramid scheme. He was trying to recruit me for his up-line, or down-line, or whatever it is where he profits from my sales.

Desperate to Know's mystery stranger may have been doing the same thing.

d.j. iverson said...

definitely flirting.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaha you were so totally being hit on! Next time go to the grocery store, put your number in sharpe on a choclate bar and tell him that that is the best chocolate bar out there. When he looks down he'll totally see your number!

Scotty said...

Just because he offered a business card doesn't necessarily mean he wanted you in on a pyramid scheme. Some guys like to use that because its less awkward in that it has both an email and phone #, makes it easier for girl to contact. Personally, I have never done though.

He was flirting, next time instead of worrying about asking him for his number - give yours to him. Then it makes him do the work of calling, etc.

I do like the chocolate bar w/ number on it though.

OK Chick said...

I agree with Scotty. Anonymous good call with the choc. bar.

Anonymous said...

As the person who asked for help from OK Chick, whom then went on to seek advice for her readers, I'd like to follow up on the details thus far.

Since flirty shopper told me where he worked I was able to Google him and locate his email address. I sent an email, but kept it short and to the point by showing him online the specific chocolate I was looking for and where he could find it, since he seemed interested. He emailed back saying thanks and kept the conversation going a bit. He ended the email with, "let's keep in touch."

Scotty said...

'Lets keep in touch' is good.

Just don't reply with "Is that a bar of chocolate in your pocket?"

Wait, that would actually depend if you were looking for something long/short term.

OK Chick said...

I said the quick response to their email was a very good sign. Also, "let's keep in touch" is something that Desperate to Know says quite often.

TC said...

I think the email response sounds great! YAY!