Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blind Date #2

So, my friends are pimping me out again. My old coworkers/friends are setting me up on a blind date with one of their coworkers. Earlier this week I was told about the blind date arrangement. Apparently, we’ll get along because he likes fried food and runs. I guess I can see it. I like cookies and attempt to run? Our bad eating habits and love for running must be the reason it will work.

This morning I was surprised to find an email from Blind Date #2. Actually, we are going to call him Fried Food Lover Who Runs. Seriously, that was the description I was given about the guy. By the way, just because I run or attempt to run doesn’t mean I will get along with every runner in the free world. I just wanted that noted.

Fried Food Lover Who Runs would like to go out on a lunch date, which is fine. I’m pretty open to lunch dates. As you know, I just eat with my Lunch Partners at work. A lunch date would be a nice change from the normal Lunch Partners discussion on coupons and fat/calories in Yoplait Yogurt.

I’m ok with going out with Fried Food Lover Who Runs, but I’m having a hard time responding to his email. He was pretty witty in his email. I’m a witty girl, but am I a witty girl if you don’t know me? Probably not. The Cousin has volunteered to proof read my email before I hit the magical Send button. You know, this whole blind date business is very stressful. This is why I couldn’t do eHarmoney. I couldn’t handle the stress of coming up with cute/witty emails every time someone emails me!


Emily said...

Good luck with FFLWR. Don't worry about the witty response. You are quite witty and I'm sure whatever you put will be both delightful and giggle inducing.

Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Cap'n John said...

Ooh! Ooh! I got it! I got it!

Fast (coz he's a runner) Lover Of Fried Lard aka FLOFL!

Kara said...

Just be yourself!

That's what I did the first time I emailed Josh. I figured I had nothing to lose - if he got my random quirky self then we were definitely off to a good start. I mean why start off trying to be someone else?

And so I did and he did and look where we are nine months later :)

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I hope you have a good time. Can't wait to hear about your blind date.

OK Chick said...

Thanks guys! I finally sent the email. It took me almost all day to send the stupid thing. Then I had about 5 people approve the email. It was silly for all the fuss, but it did make for the afternoon to go by fast!
He emailed me back last night. I was really impressed.

Renee said...

I'm glad you got the email written and he still seems interested.

I really hope that you have a good date...but I supose that blog fodder would be good too. ;)

TC said...

Yay!!!!! I can't wait for an update :)

I have never been on a blind date in my life.

Bone said...

Well, you don't wanna be too funny from the start. Then he'll always be expecting it. Set the bar low.

I'm kidding. Maybe. I'm not really sure.