Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

Confession: I’m exhausted. This weekend took everything out of me, and left me no time to recover. I’m kicking myself for not taking today off. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Oh well, I’m young, right? I’ll bounce back. But until I’m back to my peppy self, I give you ….Weekend Update.

Relay. This, my friends, is why I’m exhausted. For you newbies to This is My World, Relay for Life is an all night fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The shindig starts at 7pm Friday night and ends around 6am Saturday. It’s a long time to be awake. But with all that said, Relay is a great event, and I’m blessed to be part of such an awesome fundraiser. Actually, my entire family participates in Relay, so it’s fun to raise money together for such a great cause. This year my town raised over 68K, which considering the financial times, I think is great. Our goal was 80K, but we are still hopefully we will pull closer to our goal.

I finally made it to bed around 7:30am. But I couldn’t sleep. I was wired and wide awake. I almost got out of bed and went to aerobics, but I forced myself to just lay still. Of course after a minute I was out cold. I think I was asleep for an hour when my phone started buzzing. Sister #2 was enrolling in college and needed assistance finding the best/easiest professor. Sister #2 sent numerous text messages asking for my advice, and I thought I answered all of them correctly. As you might have guessed, I did not answer the text messages very well. Actually, some were impossible to read. Here is an example of a text I sent to Sister #2:
Act get him I ran a half marathon with him. Her married to my friend.
What the crap! After that text message, Sister #2 realized I was a lost cause and just let me sleep.

Saturday evening was a bit better. I was semi rested and ready to be social. I spent the evening with some of my friends at a small dinner party. The food was so tasty. I don’t mean it was tasty because I didn’t have to cook/clean-up. I mean, the food was magnificent!

My church kiddos put on a puppet show. Also, a great laugh. Then I headed to Hometown, USA for Father’s Day. My dad grilled for his girls, and it was mighty tasty. I ate entirely too much food, but who cares. The shrimp and salmon were just too good.


Renee said...

LOL about Sis#2 trying to text you while you were trying to sleep. She should have asked you about it at the relay. silly girl. I think your answers were really good considering. hee hee

I'm glad you were able to raise so much money. Perhaps some corporate sponsors will kick in the rest. Congrats!

Bone said...

Nice text. That's almost

TC said...

That is a fabulous text!!! Haha... man, I bet you and she were both annoyed with one another at the time :)