Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letters from OK Chick-Work Edition

Dear Intern,
You are not above me. Please stop walking around the office thinking you are above me. You sit in a cub like me, and you do not have a college degree. If you talk down to me one more time I will kick you in the shin, and make you look up your own data!
Ok Chick

Dear Starbucks Lady,
I love you! I really do. This morning I was tired, and you made me the best nonfat Chai in the world. I’m still not awake, but at least I am functioning.
Still your #1 fan,
OK Chick

Dear Slow Man on the Turnpike.
GET THE HECK OFF THE ROAD! Do not return to the road until all morning traffic is gone. When the speed limit is 70, you need to go 70! Not 60 or 63.
OK Chick

Dear Ice Cold Coworker,
What’s wrong with you? Why are you mean to everyone? I’m sorry everyone avoids you, but maybe you should smile every once in awhile. I know, I’m just a kid, but it might help.
Coworker who cares,
OK Chick

Dear New Admin,
When you page someone, there is no need to yell. It’s ok to softly page someone over the loud speaker. We can hear you even when you speak softly. It’s true!
Going deaf in my right ear,
OK Chick


TC said...

I almost did a "letters from" yesterday!!! I definitely need to do another one soon!

Ally said...

Dear OK Chick,

These letters make me smile and make me want to write a similar post. I am glad your day began with a yummy Chai, and I hope the intern gets a clue. She/he is probably just insecure and feels the need to prove herself.

Your Faithful Blog Reader

Renee said...

you post makes me sad that I don't have a life worth writing letters about. :(

and I think some of these letters need to get mailed. hee hee especially to the inturn! Perhaps a reminder that you have some influence over inturn's chance of actually getting a future job. hee hee

Amy in Edmond said...

You are to funny.

By the way someone is moving in or out across the street from you.

Bone said...

Not 60 or 63.

LOL That one cracked me up the most for some reason.

I wrote a letter on my blog today, too!

Bone said...

Oh, we had a new guy a few months ago who talked down to me once.

He no longer works here.

(Of course, I had nothing to do with it. But it sounds kinda cool.)