Monday, June 29, 2009

Bonding with the neighbors

Last week my lovely state experienced some hot temperatures. Oklahoma is custom to hot summers, but not before July. This year I decided I would keep my plants alive, except for the tomatoes plants I killed a few weeks ago.

In the spirit of trying to keep my flowers alive I’ve started water the plants twice a day.
This morning I went outside to start my morning watering ritual. As I watering my pretty flowers I heard the neighbor’s garage door open. When I looked over at the neighbor’s I witnessed my neighbor taking her trash out while wrapped in a towel, and just a towel. Luckily for everyone, the towel stayed in place. She finally noticed me watering my pretty flowers and simply waved. Of course, I didn’t have much room to judge. I was watering flowers in my PJs, running shoes, with Velcro Rolls on top of my head. It’s amazing the things you see at 6am!


Cap'n John said...

In my early 20s while still living in Australia I did a couple of different temporary jobs, one of which was for the Government, specifically for the Electoral Board. My job was to go door-to-door and make sure the Electoral Roll I had was complete & up-to-date by checking with the residents at each address.

At one location a pr4etty young lady about my own age answered the identical apparel to your neighbor.

I was considerably more embarrassed than she was (if she was at all) and she just smiled at me (which really didn't help) while I stammered through my spiel and got the information I needed...which did not include her phone number or relationship status :P

She was practically laughing as she closed the door on me, and it was mind boggling how a woman could comfortably answer the door to a total stranger while clad in nothing but a towel.

Renee said...

Wow John! That's some story! Perhaps she was really wearing something underneath...but wanted to give you a scare.

I've run the trash out to the curb in my bathrobe before (the big oversized one that covers everything!) but never in a towel.

and I thought my neighbors were weird.

OK Chick said...

HAHA! John your story made me smile. Some girls are more brave than others. I would not answer the door with just a towel, but that's just me.

Renee- I'm usually in my PJs, which are boxers and a t-shirt, so nothing too bad.

Scotty said...

Next time you should take pics :)