Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AND the answer is...

4) In one week I will reading a book on the beach.

Sorry folks, no beach for me.
1)Tomorrow night I have a date.-TRUE- Of course, the guy I went out with is 6 months old. He's the perfect date. He laughs at my jokes, let me talk about whatever, and likes to eat.
2)In one week I will be shopping at my favorite store H&M. -TRUE- I'm excited beyond measures! This week I'm hitting the streets of NYC!
3)The Cousin is coming to see me this weekend.-TRUE- She spent most of the weekend with my family.


Renee said...

I'm so sorry you won't be on the beach. hugs!

but you gotta love a date that likes to eat. ;)

Ally said...

I love this game! Sorry I missed it. And yeah for a trip to NYC!! I will be on a beach next week...undoubtedly doing some reading :)

Bone said...

Somehow I thought it was 3 lies and a truth.

I guess I got confused!

TC said...

Aww, I love dates like that!!! YAY! :)

Have fun in NYC, though I'd rather be on the beach myself.