Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Truths and a Lie

It’s time to play 3 Truths and a Lie. This is a little game I like to play when I have absolutely nothing to post, and there is not a creative bone in my body.
This is how the game works…you try to figure out the lie. It’s pretty simply, huh? Leave your guess in the comment section.

1)Tomorrow night I have a date.
2)In one week I will be shopping at my favorite store H&M.
3)The Cousin is coming to see me this weekend.
4)In one week I will reading a book on the beach.

Good luck my friends….


Renee said...

wow that's tough...I can't decide between choice #1 or #4

Bone said...

I'm gonna vote for #1. I think you could be going to the beach for Memorial Day.

Scotty said...

Hmmm.. don't think its beach on Memorial Day, since a week from yesterday is Wednesday.

So I will say #1, but if I lose you'll have to spill the details :P

Stacey said...

Considering you told me you were babysitting tonight and I don't think were you're going on vacation is known for it's beaches, 1 & 4 both seem like lies (either that or I got stood up).

TC said...

I'm going with #1. I'd hope if you had a date I'd have more details by now :)

Bone said...

Five days. No post. You're at the beach!!!!