Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SO I'm not Paula

Sadly, last night I did not make the Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy. I know, I’m a failure; a complete failure. Paula would never do that to her family- her gorgeous sons. But here’s the deal, last night I had to attend a Pampered Chef Party. In a way, I was still channeling Paula Dean. I mean, I was buying kitchen stuff that will help me become a better cook. I’m sure my new small scoop will make all the difference in my cooking skills. Actually, it will. Now when I make cookies, using the big tub of pre-made cookie dough, they will come out in perfect symmetrical circles. I will look like an awesome cook, when really I just scooped some pre-made cookie dough onto a cookie sheet. Hmmm, maybe you should call me Sandra Lee. Anyway, no Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy last night; but Thursday night I’ll be all over that BCG! Mark my words. I’ll end this random, yet useless post on this fact:
Today, April 15th, is both Tax Day and National Glazed Ham Day. Why not celebrate sending off your taxes with a big glazed ham?


Renee said...

More importantly April 15th is Darly's birthday! We're doing her party on Friday though.

I hope you had fun at your PC party.

and yeah the will was depressing, but it's done now.

TC said...

I have the small scoop: I love it.

I try not to attend PC parties, because I always want almost everything in the book. O:)

Scotty said...

National Glazed Ham Day

Really. Who makes up these days?