Monday, March 9, 2009

Mission Accomplished

This might come as a surprised, but I don’t have everything together. I’m not an organized Martha Stewart neat freak. It’s true. And this morning it couldn’t have been more obvious.

Monday in my neighborhood is trash day. About 75% of the time my trash makes it to the curb on Sunday night. The other 25% of time, I either put the trash out Monday morning or it just doesn’t get taken out. This morning, I was getting ready for work. The morning had started out like most Monday-Friday mornings; I made it out of bed without falling over anything. I had just finished blow drying my hair and clipping the last roller on my head, when I heard the noise. The trash man. Way before 7:00am, he was banging up and down my street. CRAP! I didn’t put the trash out last night, and it has to go out today. Sister #1 and I did yard work so the trash can was full to the max.

In order to beat the trash man I had to get outside ASAP. I quickly put on a jacket and flip flops, and ran out the door. In my PJ shorts, tie-die t-shirt, red jacket, lady bug flip flops, and rollers… I put the trash out. The trash man was kind enough to not say anything about my attire and simply wave. HOWEVER, the trash did make it to the curb this morning, and that is what’s important here!


TC said...

I see nothing wrong with your attire for the time of day he was there. He should have been grateful to see you at all.

Good job on a mission well done.

monamachel1 said...

I remember one time I did this and the trash guy grabbed my trash can from me, tossed the trash into the truck then threw my trash can into the yard. While he was doing this, he was giving me a "I'm going to kill you little girl" look. Ever since then I have been scared of the trash people. If I forget and I rememember but the trash people are near-by, I won't take it out there!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a garbage collector. We get a lot of women running last bags out to the truck all the time - some wearing less than others. That sounds like quite a combination you had on.

What we always find interesting is how many women stop to watch the truck working when we press the levers on the side after the back fills. They're clearly curious, but often to shy to admit it.

Renee said...

well your Anonymous garbage collector has said it better than I could have. I'm sure your collector has seen it all and then some.
I know I've had to make the mad dash out there more times than I like to admit. Luckily my collectors are always very friendly about it and happy to pick up, even if they've passed me, we live at the enterance to a court, so they can pick up on their way out.

and getting to watch the trash get smashed is an added bonus!