Friday, March 6, 2009

Blogging with DJ

Last week OK Chick and I (SoCal Guy) thought it would be a great idea to switch things up a little bit and write some guests blogs for each other. In the future I'm sure that history will look back on this day of tag team blogging as the day that the internet really took off. Seriously, the only thing that could possibly compete with our blogging tag team would be if Martha Stewart and Chuck Norris combined forces. In an effort to honor the stylings of OK Chick that you are used to enjoying, I'm going to try and attempt to write in the style of your usual author. Here we go... This week I ran a hundred thousand miles and had some awesome things on my mind... 5:00 Oklahoma weather is crazy!

5:01 I could go for a chai latte!

5:02 I wonder if it could be cookie Thursday every day?

5:03 What am I missing on Bravo?

5:04 If Guys #1-3 were in a race, who would win?

5:05 It's really tough to write down blog ideas while I'm running.

The other night I had sister #7 over for dinner and we cooked a great dinner. We had Lemon Chicken, with Garlic, fancy red peppers, salt, onions, and a side of bread and butter. We also had a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, some of that fancy cheese, dressing and most importantly we served it one of my cute bowls. My dinner parties rock! Rachel Ray is a hack.
Friday Fun Fact
Today is the anniversary of the Alamo falling to Santa Ana's army. So remember the Alamo today! And be sure to celebrate national frozen food day. Or as some like to call it, single's awareness day part 2. Well, that's all from OK Chick's number 3 fan. Hope you have a great day Blogger World! (to check out OK Chick's guest blog at my blog)


OK Chick said...

DJ! This is one of the funniest post I've ever read. LOL!

5:04 If Guys #1-3 were in a race, who would win?
I could guess Guy #3.

I'll have a frozen dinner in honor of Frozen Food Day.

Job well done. You've out done yourself. HA! Another reminder why you rock!

Renee said...

I thought DJ did a great job too! I really enjoyed this.

TC said...

This was hilarious! I love it! :)

I've always kinda wanted to have a guest blogger/guest blog. What a fun way to do both!

Lori said...

I love it! Of course DJ was hilarious!

Bone said...

LOL at Sister #7.

That was pretty good.

d.j. iverson said...

This was fun. We def need to do this more often. Happy Alamo Day!

Anonymous said...

I was actually amused by your blog today. And hell ya guy #3 would win.

Thomas said...

I wasn't included in this edition of that book. Must of been an oversight on the publisher's part.

Anonymous said...

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