Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Running Thoughts...

Yesterday, my great state witnessed a rare occurrence. The wind was not blowing, the sun was shining, it was 70 degrees, and there wasn’t a tornado in sight. Usually when it’s sunny, 70 degrees, and no wind; an F4 tornado is getting ready to demolish a poor unexpected town. No joke. Since mother-nature was in a good mood, I figured it would be the perfect day to run a few miles, or four and half miles-whatever. As I was running I had lots of thoughts…so once again here are Ok Chick’s Running Thoughts….

I’m an awesome matchmaker. I knew they would be good together. Ah, just call me Yenta. Wait, is that her name? Yenta, that doesn’t sound right? Is Yenta what I like to eat at Zorba’s? Ummm, I’ll have to Google that when I finish.

I wonder if Justin Timberlake every thought to himself- Some day I’m going to sing a song about saving the world with Madonna- THE MADONNA. I bet he didn’t.

Lady, go. Please, move your piece of crap Buick out of my way. I could run faster than you’re driving. Oh wait, I am running faster than you are driving. HA! Oh crap she’s looking at me. Do I know her? No, I don’t think so.

I can’t wait to eat pancakes. I’m getting hungry.

Oh boy, college baseball players!

CRAP! I didn’t set my watch. I don’t know how many calories I’ve burn. I can’t believe I didn’t set my watch. AHHH, OK Chick you are losing it.

Is that Guy #1? I don’t want to see him. It will be that awkward- I haven’t talked to you in over a week because you called me bitter -type thing. I’m so not in the mood to mess with that stuff.

Is it, is it, is it…not Guy #1.

I kind of like Lady Gaga’s music. Actually, I just like her name. Maybe I can get people to start calling me Lady Maga. I can’t copy off of Lady Gage, because that would be stupid.

Man, my toe hurts. If I screw up my new pedicure I will be so pissed. OK Chick, this is why you do not get pedicures during running season.

OH MY GOSH! If I keep setting up all these guys I won’t have anyone to date. What in the world am I thinking? WHO I am I suppose to date? Well, I don’t really want to date any of these guys. However, I do believe I need to start charging people for my expertise. Maybe I could be the OK Millionaire Matchmaker. I wonder if Bravo or Lifetime would give me a show. I guess I’d need to find some single millionaire friends first; one obstacle, a big obstacle but not an impossible obstacle.
WOO HOO! I just ran 4.5 miles. Go me!

I never said my thoughts were exciting. They just get me through an hour of running.


TC said...

Please don't charge me: I'm poor.

I can't believe you could only get maple syrup: boo!!!!!!

monamachel1 said...

The weather was like that today so we went to the park for over 2 hours!!
(that is where I was all afternoon in case you missed me!!)

Renee said...

well your thoughts cracked me up. I hear that matchmakers tend to stay you might want to give that gig up...but after you find the perfect guy for TC.

glad you had great weather and good pancakes too.

OK Chick said...

Yeah, yeah it's all about TC!

The Cousin- I was wondering where you went. We were talking about The Real Housewives of OC and all the sudden you were gone.

Scotty said...

I think you can come up with a better name than the 'OK Millionaire Matchmaker'

Do it!

Get a show, I would watch :)

TC said...

Yeah, yeah it's all about TC!


Thanks ladies. I appreciate the effort.

Bone said...

That was good. I think this should be a regular feature on OKC's blog. It's kinda like Ramblings on the run.

I ran 3 miles yesterday in 20:48! It was my fastest time ever.

And um, I don't see where you need my help here?