Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, so it’s been a bit busy the past few days. I’m sorry there was no Weekend Update. Folks, there just wasn’t time for me to sit down to post. I will say I had a great weekend and a wonderful Valentine’s Day. I spent my VDay doing a lot of “me” things. For instance, I ran a race, went to aerobics, ate brunch with my family, and then went to the movies. See, all things I like to do! Since I couldn’t give you your weekly dose of Weekend Update, I thought I’d give you some Ramblings.

Last night OKC Thunder, formerly Seattle Super Sonics, unveiled our mascot. It’s a Bison. I don’t really understand why a bison is our mascot. How does that go with Thunder? It doesn’t. I guess I should be happy it’s not something silly like Lily the Lighting. I mean, that would totally make us the laughing stock of the NBA. OH wait, we already are the laughing stock of the NBA.

As I mentioned earlier I ran a race on Saturday. It was not pretty. Sometimes I go to these races and feel like the most out of shape in shape person. The race was five miles, which should have been doable. However, I forgot that this park has random huge hills throughout the whole park. When I hit the half way mark I thought to myself…..I hate to run, and this is stupid. I don’t think I’m going to run the race next year. I hate this particular race, but every year I sign up. I blame it on the fact that they give out great shirts and have good food after the race. But I did win a $25 gift card to a local running store. SOOO the race wasn’t a total waste.

This weekend I discovered a new show, The Millionaire Matchmaker. It’s on Bravo. I’m telling you, Bravo has some great shows. Now true; they only have about three shows on their network but its pretty good stuff. I guess that just goes to show you that quality is more important than quantity.

Friday night I had great plans. I was going to eat dinner and watch a movie. I invited a new recipe that I was excited to try. I combined pasta, chicken, fresh tomatoes, some spices, and oil. I thought it was going to be a successful recipe. However, it was a recipe that was pretty bland. I was upset about the whole ordeal. First, I was starving and banking on the meal to be wonderful. Second, I was pissed I’d wasted chicken and pasta on a horrible dish. But since I’m a pretty stubborn person, I ate the bland meal. I hate wasting food, so it was a given that I was going to eat the stuff. Oh and the movie, Becoming Jane. It was good, it’s about Jane Austin. Did you guys know that Jane Austin never got married? I know! I guess if Jane Austin can go through life as a bachelorette, than so can I.

Well folks, sadly my Ramblings must come to an end. My stomach is growling and I need some breakfast. It’s time for some oatmeal!


Emily said...

Next time add some chicken stock or cook the pasta in some stock. I promise it will help the "bland" problem as I have had to deal with this while making similar recipes.

Renee said...

what kind of seasoning did the dish call for? I've been known to accidentally put more seasoning than was called for with really good results. I'm really loving the Seasoning Blend by Morton. I put it on veggies and just about everything.
I'm glad you made yourself a good VDay. Oh that's what I did on Saturday. duh! DH got me a nice card and I gave him chocolates and a joke. We had a box of chocolates from LAST VDAY that Darly told me DH was going to wrap up and give to me, so the joke was I wrapped it and gave it to him. After he opened it he says "I wondered where that went." LOL!

We baked Brownies Monday night for DH's birthday (he has the same bday as Bone & Prez Lincoln.)

Bone said...

If Jane can do it, so can you. lol You crack me up.

Renee - he has the same bday as Bone & Prez Lincoln

Haha. There's a line I'm guessing has rarely, if ever, been uttered before.

TC said...

I tried a new recipe last night too, and it ended up not being good either :( I was totally disappointed, but I also ate it, because I like you, can be stubborn and hate wasting food. Boo.

d.j. iverson said...

A bison, i thought it was teen wolf?

Scotty said...