Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Get your boody on the floor tonight

Today is January 7, 2009. Apparently a few important things happened on this day. Oh no, I’m not talking about important historic events. I mean, I’m not talking about all the old/living Presidents having a power lunch today at the White House-which is sort of cool. Nope, I’m referring to the worthless trivia that’s important to me. Blogger World, don’t roll your eyes at me- I might help you win Trivial Pursuit someday. Yeah, you didn’t think about that, did you? Anyway…..

Did you know that one of my least favorite Saved By the Bell alumni is celebrating a birthday today? It’s true. Screech is turning 32. Happy Birthday to you! If I liked you more I’d write a birthday post in your honor; but you annoyed me on the show so you’ll have to settle for this paragraph.

The second random fact is a great one. Do you guys remember the song Pump Up the Jam? Of course you do! Pump Up the Jam became #1 in the land on this day. The question is, what year? Do you think it’s:
A) 1991
B) 1990
C) 1989

Let me know your answer; and as always imaginary high five to the winner.
So I just looked up the lyrics to Pump Up the Jam and came to a shocking realization. Here are some of the lyrics….

Pump up the jam
Pump it up
While your feet are stompin'
And the jam is pumpin'
Look at here the crowd is jumpin'
Pump it up a little more
Get the party going on the dance floor
Seek us that's where the party's at
And you'll find out if you're too bad
I don't want a place to stay
Get your boody on the floor tonight
Make my day

I just realized that I’ve been singing the bolded line all wrong! I didn’t know that’s what they said. Seriously, I’ve been belting this song out all wrong.


Kendon Murrell said...

Okay, okay! You got me shaking in my boots! I posted for you... :) Hope you're having a good week!

Renee said...

I've done that on so many songs! Usually when I find out that the lyrics really are, I can sing it the right way...but there is this one song that I cannot hear the artist even saying it right...but DD swears it is

line is supposed to be: "..boatload of purpose..."

I hear "lolo purpose..."

good thing it isn't a song I like. LOL!

TC said...

You didn't like Screech?!?!?!?!?!?!? :*( But he's such a dork and thus so loveable! Sigh.

I hate to break it to you, but we're 0-2 on this post. I love Screech and am annoyed by that song. However, next time it comes up on 90s trivial pursuit (which I haven't played in a couple years), I'll be kicking myself for this.

Bone said...

I liked Screech until he did the sex tape a couple of years ago. *shudder*

I suppose I should guess on this, since you always guessed on my Seinfeld trivia.

Um, I'll go with B, final answer.

TC said...

WHY did Bone have to bring up the sex tape??? I like to bury my head in the sand and forget that happened.

Of course, it helps that I never saw it. *ahem, Bone*

Scotty said...

THAT, is a classic song.

OK Chick said...

Thank you Scotty! TC, I can't believe you don't like this classic 90s song.

I will admit Screech was cute (in a -I feel sorry for him way), but then when they got Jr/Sr year of HS he became annoying. However, when my boy Zach Morris would hurt Screech I would feel bad.

Bone- You are correct! High five to you!

d.j. iverson said...

I couldn't agree with you more on both counts. I would have even watched the New Class if Screech wasn't there.

And Pump up the Jam is def on my 'Stadium Rock' playlist on itunes.

Great Post.