Thursday, December 18, 2008


Once again it’s time for Ok Chick’s annual (this being the second year) Christmas Ramblings; because it’s not like you haven’t had enough Christmas cheer shoved down your throat. Please enjoy the good, bad, and ugly of this holiday season through OK Chick’s eyes.

I am in a very Christmas mood this season. I’ve had my decorations up since the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving, I’ve made all my neighbors homemade goodies, I sent out a handful of Christmas cards, Sister #1 and Sister #2 decorated the outside of my residence, and I’ve attended many Christmas parties. See, I feeling the Christmas cheer! Side note: Sister #1 and Sister #2 spent an entire Saturday decorating the outside of our abode. The lights worked one night and one night only. We look like one of those redneck families that have Christmas lights around their house way past Christmas.

Yesterday I delivered my first Christmas present. I gave my friend Cheddar Bacon Popcorn. Have you had this stuff? SO GOOD! I highly recommend this favor. He gave me some Snowmen decorations. I’m a big fan of Snowmen. Snowmen decorations are great because you can leave them out until February. Therefore, you don’t feel that rush and pressure to put up all the Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. I mean, what’s more depressing then taking down all the Christmas decorations? Ok, so I can think of a few things that are more depressing, but you have to admit taking down Christmas decorations is pretty high on the list?

My department at work is not feeling the Christmas cheer. My department is the ONLY department that hasn’t had a Christmas get together during lunch or after hours. The other departments have had a lunch, a snack day, or happy hour in honor of this season. However, not mine. Nope, we like to work. Today, I tried to spread the cheer by bringing cookies. It didn’t work. I mean, they ate the cookies but no cheer. A fellow coworker and I decided tomorrow we’d have a snack day to celebrate this season, since our boss won’t take us to lunch. No one wants to participate. So now my coworker and I are bringing food for the whole department. No one wants to bring anything but I’m sure they’ll eat it tomorrow. I’m very tempted to stand by the door of the breakroom and pull a Soup Nazi on all their butts- NO FOOD FOR YOU!

You know that Christmas song that says…oh the weather outside is frightful? Well, that couldn’t be truer here in OK. This week has been cold. Down right cold, stinkin’ cold! For example, Monday I went to lunch with coworkers. I realized half way through lunch that I still had my coat and scarf on, while I was eating. I wasn’t eating outside; I was in a restaurant that had heat! Now, I realize I do not live way up north like my friend TC. So really, I have no idea what cold is so I’ll shut my trap on this subject.

Sister #1 and I have scored us a big catering job. It’s this weekend. We’re feeding 70 people at a fancy Christmas party. Let’s pray that this is a success. I’ve spent the past three nights making meatballs. We made 348 meatballs. I now hate meatballs, and I will never make them again. The plus side, we’re going to be serving food to rich people-hopefully we’ll get more gigs. Also, all the cooking has made it easy for me not to snack at night.

Blogger World, it’s time for me to wrap up this year’s Christmas Ramblings. I would like to close with a famous quote from that famous Christmas poem…"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"


TC said...

I love it when I'm specifically mentioned in a post :) It happens infrequently enough that it still makes me smile.

It was sooooooo cold here to start the week. -1 when I woke up Monday morning, and that was before they figured in windchill and all that crap. BRRR! Of course, as we end the week, we're set to get from 10-13 inches from oh, now, until noon tomorrow 8-) And really, when you're talking that many inches, is there much difference between 10 and 13? (The answer is no. Because I live in the North. For you Southerners, I know those three inches are a big deal.)

I literally laughed out loud (LOUD loud too!) at the Soup Nazi line. Love it! That would be hilarious. Please do so, and report back to us. (Thank goodness I've seen that Seinfeld.)

Abigale said...

Nice post..! Well, Christmas is normally my favorite holiday.

Renee said...

It's been very cold here too. The first part of the week our high was only 10 degrees...thank goodness it finally warmed up to 40. But it dropped right back down with snow today. :p I'm allergic you know.

I hope your party goes well, perhaps you could tell folks in the morning that they can't come unless they bring a snack...then watch them all scramble to hit the local stores or the vending machines to find something to bring! LOL!

OK Chick said...

Every Friday morning a vendor brings my department Sonic/Braums breakfast. The vendor always brings tons so we share with all the other departments-no biggie. So this morning everyone is coming down here looking for their normal Friday breakfast, which there isn't. Instead they are finding the food my coworker and I brought for MY department.

A guy from another department was in the "magic cub" (the cub we keep our food) with me and I pulled a Soup Nazi on him. I told him this was our snack day and this was our food. I'm sorry, he's mean. He's yelled at me 2 different times because I use his printer, which isn't wasn't me that was using his printer. HA! I showed him. NO BAGELS FOR YOU!

TC said...

Yay!!! Glad you got to be a bagel nazi on him! :-)

monamachel1 said...

I am always a soup nazi!! I hate people that are rude then take your stuff!! I guess I am being a soup nazi with my Christmas cards this year. You go girl!!

OK Chick said...

Thanks! I'm usually all about sharing food, because it's less I eat. I guess, my coworker picked the wrong day to mess with me. :)