Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Christmas blast from the past

This week’s Christmas Blast from the past comes to us from Sister #1. It’s actually one of my FAVORITE stories about Sister #1.

I can’t remember the year but I think our ages were- 14, 12, and 4? But, this was the Christmas Sister #1 and I wanted Fossil watches. It was all craze. Everyone was wearing a watch. I guess telling time became important that year.

Fast forward to Christmas morning in Arkansas: Everyone was in my grandma’s living room looking at the opened gifts. Sister #2 was playing with her 30 new toys, I was examining every thing I received, and Sister #1 was quietly sitting in the corner of the living room looking at her presents. My mom noticed Sister #1 started stacking her presents in a pile…

Mom- What’s that stack for?
Sister #1- In a serious tone- This is everything I am taking back to the store.
Mom- What?
Me- Laughing-You can’t return a Bible!
Sister #1- Yes, I can. I already have one, they say the same thing.
Mom- Sister #1 you cannot return all your presents. Did you not like anything this year? How about the cookbook? It shows you how to make cookies.
Sister #1- Mom, I asked for a watch, a red sweater, and a pair of pants. I’ve done the math. I can take everything back and buy the things I wanted.
Mom- You didn’t get a watch?
Sister #1- NO
Mom- Ok Chick, did you get a watch?
Me- No. Hey wait a minute; I wanted a watch for Christmas.
My mom gets up and walks to their bedroom at my grandma’s house, then walks past us and enters the kitchen to speak to my dad. After their brief, yet quiet conversation she goes back to the bedrooms. A few minutes later she comes into the living room with a weird look on her face.
Mom- Girls, Santa must have forgotten your watches. I’m sure he left them under the tree in OK. I bet he forgot we were going to be in Arkansas.
Sister #2- Santa forgot some of our presents? I get something else?
Sister #1- So I got a watch?
Mom- Yes.
Sister #2- I get another present?
Sister #1- Ok, I’ll keep some of this stuff. I’m still taking back the Bible.
Mom- You will not take back your Bible.
Laughing-You do now.

When we got home from Arkansas my mom was right...Santa had left two Fossil watches under the tree. And since Santa is a fair Santa, he even left something for Sister #2.


TC said...

Silly Santa :)

Oh well. It's good to know he's like most men: forgetful.

Renee said...

I so hate when Santa forgets something. ;) That's why I so wish this house had better hiding spots for Santa's stuff. I'm always worried that I'm gonna forget something!

DD is very upset that no one has put any gifts for HER under the tree yet...course her lazy mom is here on the computer instead of wrapping her gifts to put under the tree. LOL

Ally said...

Ha! And really how many Bibles does a girl need?

Bone said...

Aw man, seems like Santa pulled some stunts like that with us, too.

I always loved the "Santa couldn't wrap this one."

I'm like, "Dude, Santa has access to thousands of elves year round. You telling me they can't wrap anything?"