Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Folks, I’m happy to report that Weekend Update is back. Yours truly, actually had a weekend; a weekend that involves something besides moving from couch to kitchen.

I still have all 10 fingers and 10 toes. Yup, didn’t nail, glue, staple, or saw off any digits while building the house. Well to be honest, we didn’t build a house. Saturday’s group built the house, my group laid sod. I know, not as exciting. But don’t be fooled, laying sod is dangerous; I could have lost a limb while laying sod. Ok, not really. I don’t know if anyone out there in Blogger World has ever laid sod, but it is hard work. I woke up Saturday morning hurting. My coworker and I had an efficient system and we were kicking everyone’s butt with the amount of sod we were laying. I personally think we worked the hardest out of everyone. I’m kidding, everyone worked hard.
After I planted an entire yard by myself (that’s a joke), I was off to Friday night’s event- Bunko. This was my first time to play Bunko and I really liked the game. It’s fun and easy and I’m good at the game. I’m so good I won $9! I’m pretty sure you can’t be good at Bunko; it’s a dice game and all about luck, but it’s cool to win. One of my coworkers asked me to join her monthly Bunko group. I had a great time meeting new people and eating yummy food. Everyone brought a snack. Of course, I brought healthy blueberry scones, and everyone else brought cookies. My poor scones sat in the corner while everyone else ate the cookies, including myself. I’m sorry, the cookies were good.

I was able to sleep in until 9:00. You know you are old when you say you slept in and it’s only until 9:00. But, I was able to sleep a full 8ish hours and it felt great.
Most of Saturday was dedicated to cooking. Sister #1, Casie, and I spent five hours cooking casseroles. The three of us each picked out two recipes, tripled each recipe, and prepared each recipe placing them in foil containers. Afterwards we divided up all the casseroles to take home. The three of us now have a freezer full of delicious food.
When I was finished playing Paula Deen I rushed home to get ready for the next event- homecoming basketball game. I went to my old college’s homecoming. The basketball game was exciting and it was fun to see old friends. By the way, my college won the game. I don’t know if they are really good this year or if they played a bad team. They looked ok, but not amazing.
Saturday night Sister #1 and I went to Target. Here’s what I hate about Target. I enter Target with the intent to purchase one item. However, $70 later I’m leaving Target. Sister #1 and I did our part to help the economy. I don’t want to hear anymore whining about people not helping the economy.

My Sunday morning kiddos have been patiently awaiting my arrival from Japan. They were promised a surprise from Japan if they knew the two weekly memory verses. Well you guessed it; every one of them knew the verses. I was so proud of my kids, and they were pumped to get candy with all the “signs” on the wrapper. I tried to explain that it was how Japanese wrote…they didn’t get it.

Well there you have it…I laid sod, cooked, kick butt at Bunko, and continue to change the lives of my 4th graders. A pretty good weekend if you ask me.


TC said...

I hate that about Target too.

So Paula Deen's future daughter-in-law, what kind of cassseroles did you end up with?

Anonymous said...

Don't you love having a busy weekend!
Such a great idea about the casseroles....

Renee said...

I end up that way at Walmart...for some odd reason, I can contain myself at Target. hummm

laying sod is HARD hard that DH wouldn't let me help him (that or he wanted all the fun for himself!) Or was I preggers then? I forget that was 12 years ago. LOL!

I can't get this bunch to eat casseroles. I have friends who get together and do that casserole swapping thing and I'm jealous of the good times they have together. sigh

Bone said...

OK, I don't know if Bunko night is anything like poker night or General Hospital marathon night with the boys. But if it is, you do NOT bring healthy stuff to eat. It is a designated junk food eating time. Trust me. I brought Wheat Thins one time. We wound up using them as poker chips.

Not all of this story is true.

OK Chick said...

TC- We made a few things...Taco Soup, Mac-n-Cheese, Corn Souffle, Stuffed Chicken, King Chicken, Pork Chops, and Meatballs. I can't wait to try it all.

Girls Journey- I love busy weekends. I have another this weekend.

Bone- Mental Note- No more healthy food at gatherings. Thanks for the tip.