Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister #1

Blogger World, I would like to introduce you to Sister #1 (ignore me in this picture, you know me). Sure, I’ve talked about her, but I don’t know if I have fully introduced you to her. Today marks a special day for Sister #1. It’s her birthday, her 25th birthday to be exact. Since, I sucked as a sister last year and didn’t post her a birthday dedication; I figured this year I would do a grand birthday dedication. Folks, let me introduce you to one of my awesome sisters.

First of all let’s just get it out in the open; Sister #1 is way cooler than me. I’m secure enough to admit that fact. If you know her, you’d agree with me 100%. She’s more laid back, funnier, nice to everyone, and a better cook than me. People generally like Sister #1 better, which I’m happy. I don’t want sisters that no one likes.

Second, Sister #1 has impeccable taste when it comes to shoes and purses. Due to Sister #1 being short, she can wear fun heals-which she does…everyday.

Third, Sister #1 has a best friend. I don’t think it odd that she has a best friend, so don’t think that’s where I’m going with this point. But not many people can say they’ve had their best friend since kindergarten. Yeah, she’s had her BFF for 20 years. After fives years of their friendship, I finally accepted BFF as another sister.

Fourth, Sister #1 is daring. I guess a good example of this... is when she decided to play daredevil. Sister #1 and I were riding our bikes home from the swimming pool; my mom and Sister #2 were following us in the family mini-van. The security guard bar was going down, because I had just ridden my bike through the security stand. Sister #1 thought she could get under the bar before it went completely down. Nope. It went down, and fell on top of her back. It’s funny because it knocked her off her bike, causing her to roll into the ditch. My mom had to stop the mini-van to make sure she wasn’t injured, and to get her out of the ditch. See, she’s daring!

Fifth, Sister #1 is very detailed and precise. I think that’s why she’s a good accountant. Seriously, the girl has a spreadsheet for every possible thing. But Sister #1 takes her time and completes all tasks correctly, something I wish I did better. When we were kids I just thought she was slow at everything. However, I guess it was preparing her for a life of accounting. I remember when we were little; my mom would make us sit at the table until we were both done eating. I always wolfed down my food in record time, and then had to sit there waiting. Sister #1 ate so slowly. I am talking, one pea at a time slow. I would ALWAYS get so tired of waiting on her to finish. I usually ate the remainder of the food so we could go play before the freakin’ sun went down. I guess this would explain why I was the chunky one and Sister #1 was the skinny one.

See like I said at the first point….Sister #1 is way cooler than me, which is why I’ve allowed her to hang around for 25 years. I’m kidding. So here's to you Sister #1....have a great day!


TC said...

Is that not a photo taken on your birthday? I think I remember that. Funny!

When we were kids I just thought she was slow at everything.

ROFL There's a good big sister comment!

(My brother is one of the world's slowest eaters too, so I understand.)

Happy birthday, Sister #1! Have a great day!

OK Chick said...

Seriously, she is the slowest eater ever. She made a comment about it last night.

The picture is from my graduation dinner.

auntlinda34 said...


Holly said...

Happy birthday Jamie! Lindsy, I think you are cool too!

Scotty said...

OK Chick, Sister #1, and Sister #2. Got it. Easy enough to remember. Are there any others?

Happy birthday Sister #1, if OK Chick says you're cool, well I suppose you are :)

Renee said...

Tell Sister #1 that your entire readership wishes her the Best Birthday Ever!

but I wish I had a sister as cool as you to write such a tribute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blogger world!!
Sister the post was great, and your just as cool!! Thanks :)

OK Chick said...

Scotty- Yes it's just- Ok chick, Sister #1, and Sister #2. Well and have parents but I don't think I need to call them- Mom #1 and Dad #1.

Scotty said...

Hmmm.. true. Mom and Dad will suffice. Though, that may be confusing if I confuse them with my own.

Bone said...

Ooo, I have lots in common with Sister #1.

Or, just one thing.

I'm a very slow eater, too. I'm always the last one done eating. It's even where my blog address comes from. A waitress called me Little Nibbler one time because she would always take everyone else's plate and have to come back two or three times before I was done.