Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fun Facts

Blogger World, HAPPY FRIDAY! Once again it’s time for my Friday Fun Facts. You know, Friday Fun Facts is quickly becoming my favorite post. Well, second favorite post because Ramblings is still my favorite post to write. I think you’re going to enjoy today’s Friday Fun Facts. See I realize that Friday’s are sometimes long days at work. You’re excited for the weekend and can’t concentrate long enough to type up your TPS Report. Therefore, I (Ok Chick) am going to share some of my favorite pass the time at work websites. Enjoy, and if you don’t at least you killed some time at work….

A few months ago I discovered Working Girl. They work in a big city and write about their daily work life in big city. No, not Oklahoma City but a real “big” city like Chicago; places with public transportation.

This site probably won’t interest you unless you live right here in Oklahoma. The site is hilarious. Three guys have become famous for making fun of our news media. They also make fun of our new NBA Team, restaurants, colleges, state fair, and the city of Tulsa.

My hero. I love this man. Actually, I’m looking to marry someone just like him. If you know of ANYONE that fits this description please let me know.

My second hero. Anyone that can bounce back from her divorce with Lance Armstrong is my hero. When I went to Austin I secretly hoped to meet her. Not only is she a great writer, she’s always a great runner. I haven’t seen her run, but I get the feeling she’d kick my butt at any race.

I always get hungry when I view this site. I try to look at it right after lunch, when I’m not so hungry. I mean, I stay hungry pretty much all day but usually after lunch it’s not bad. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…it’s not my fault if you scarf down a bag of Peanut M&Ms after viewing this site. PS- She has a great recipe for Peanut Butter Dip. I made it last good.

I’m sorry to say but I must wrap this post up. Hopefully, you have enjoyed your Friday Fun Facts.


TC said...

You haven't done a ramblings in awhile, have you?

I refuse to look at that PB recipe. I'll be craving it all day if I do.

Renee said...

oh boy. Just what I needed, more things to kill time. ;) is one of my favorite time killers.

Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

I've never heard of the site "The Last Ogle" - pretty funny stuff! (being an x-Oklahoman I can still enjoy it, right?!)

Suzanne said...

I did see the firefighters!! I was right there when they you must have been right there too!!

OK Chick said...

TC- I haven't done ramblings in awhile. I might do that this week.

Kelly- Enjoy the new website. It's fun to read. You'll still get all the jokes...being a former Okkie.

TC said...

FYI... if you have not tried the frozen chocolate cheesecake nuggets from the cookbook, do so immediately. Amazing! I made a couple of things from it and so far so good... with those being at the top of the list by far!