Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What year?

Today I bring you a bit of trivia. I feel that it is important that my readers know everything about the TV world-new and old. Today’s trivia is a bit of old TV news. September 30 marks the anniversary of Cheer’s series premier. WITHOUT using Google, What year did our favorite Boston bar hit TVs around the US? And like all my random contest imaginary high five will be given as the prize. Again the question is…What year did our favorite Boston bar hit TVs around the US?


On a completely different note, I just ate a Panera Bread Grilled Breakfast Sandwich. It was so good! I highly recommend this unhealthy breakfast sandwiches.

Again on a completely different note a really good looking guy just entered my office. I mean not my actually office, because let’s face it, I wouldn’t be typing this post if a gorgeous man was sitting in my office. But, he did just walk past my office. I'm sure I looked attractive stuffing my face with a breakfast sandwich. Actually, I think he’s the supplier of the wonderful unhealthy breakfast sandwiches. Oh there he is again, he just walked by my office. Folks, I must do more investigating on this man. Please excuse me while I turn into Penny from Inspector Gadget.


TC said...

You expect me to concentrate on Cheers where you mention a hot guy wandering the office? Oh no. We'll be waiting here for information when you get back to your office.

P.S. One of those three years marks the last time the Milwaukee Brewers were in the playoffs... without the Internet, which one was it? :)

LB said...


More details about rogue eye candy!

Also, it is Tuesday. Did I miss your Weekend Update?

Renee said...

I'm with TC...we want more details on the hot guy and who cares about Cheers? that's old news. hee hee

Honestly I don't know which year Cheers started. I know in the beginning they had Coach & Dianne, so I wasn't watching it much. It was funnier with Woody & Dianne.

amy nickerson said...

I would have to guess '83 as well...just a guess, though b/c all of those dates i was either not born ('81), born ('82), or 1 year old ('83)! :)

OK Chick said...

The answer is 1982.

TC- Umm I'm going to say 1983?

LB- Sadly, no Weekend Update because I had a BORING weekend. I mean, there is no way I could spice up my weekend. However, next weekend should be better. HA!

Well guys, I did not find anything out about MR. HOTTIE with the Breakfast Sandwiches...that's his nickname, by the way.

TC said...

Nope: the answer for mine was '82 as well. Must have been a good year :)

And bummer about Mr. HOTTIE with the breakfast sandwiches. We'll stay tuned in case additional information comes to light.