Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weekend Updates

Due to popular demand- Ok, it was really just a request from The Roommate. But a very demanding request I might add. I figured I better post the rest of my weekend, or live in fear of The Roommate. I mean, she does live with me. SO to keep The Roommate happy, here’s the rest of Weekend Updates….

Saturday was all about food. First meal was…well breakfast but it was just Honey Nut Cherries, nothing fancy. The first real meal, otherwise known as lunch, was provided by my friend Holly. She cooked me lunch, nice huh. We had a great meal of leftovers. She made salad and cooked carrots, while I bought some awesome leftovers that my friend Casie made Thursday night. Yes, it was a random meal, but we didn’t care. We had a good laugh about the wide variety of food.
The second meal was provided by me! I had two college friends over for dinner. We had an enjoyable time catching up and talking about the old times. After a lengthy dinner we decided to meet up with another friend. My friends and I ended up at a club for old people. I’m dead serious. There’s a place in town that plays live music but the crowd is a bit older. We definitely had some great people watching. This is what we were watching on the dance floor- two couples that looked like rejects from Dancing with the Stars, a lady that could be my grandmother dancing in high heels, a forty year old lady dancing in a short skirt or long shirt, and couples that looked like they might break their hip if they kept dancing. All around, it was a fun night. Sidenote: the grandma in heels is my hero!

Blogger World, you have not lived until you’ve visited The Great State Fair of Oklahoma. You want to talk about people watching! Sunday, The Roommate and I went to The Great State Fair of Oklahoma. Yes, I’m going to keep referring to it as The Great State Fair of Oklahoma, because it’s just that great. The Roommate and I had loads of fun at The Great State Fair of Oklahoma. First of all, we ate great food. I had a cinnamon roll, lemonade, and kettle corn. My favorite food at The Great State Fair of Oklahoma is Dan’s Indian Tacos. However, I’d already eaten lunch so the Indian Taco was out, which is why I had the cinnamon roll, lemonade, and kettle corn. DUH! I was going to try Fried Mashed Potatoes but then I remembered I don’t really like Mashed Potatoes.
The best part of the fair; I mean The Great State Fair of Oklahoma was looking at all the animals. I usually do not walk through the stables, because it stinks. But we were walking right past the brand new stables and I suggested we take a peak. OH MAN! This was a bonding experience for The Roommate and I. WE GOT TO WATCH A CHICK HATCH FROM AN EGG. I kid you not. It was the coolest thing ever! The fair people set up a birth center for kids to view all types of baby animals. There were pigs, goats, and chicks. Ok, so they didn’t have that many animals to see, but this exhibit did allow children to observe baby animals. Now although I’m twenty-seven, I have the attention span of an eight year old and maturity level of a ten year old. I felt those two things qualified me to walk through the children’s area. While we were walking through the kid’s area, we noticed a ton of people standing around a huge fish tank. We discovered that everyone was watching chicks hatch from their eggs. While The Roommate and I were standing there, we witnessed a baby chick peck its way into the world. Very cool!

As you can see I did not let Idiot Guy #1 ruin my weekend. My dad did not raise his daughters to fold that easily. Nope, some good fatten’ food and people watching always cures a bummer Friday night.


TC said...

Thanks for checking in on me: nice to know there is someone at least that notices my absense from the blogosphere, lol :)

I can see I have some catching up to do, as your reference to guy #1 at the end of this post has piqued my interest. I'll try and get around to that maybe this weekend. As my brief post explained - I'm insane right now.

Renee said...

Our state fair is about an hour away...pout. I do need to take the kid to it one year though cuz she needs to see that at least once. I've just been so spoiled by my past that I've always lived right near the fair grounds!

and I am that 40y/o!

Velma's said...

Never tried Indian Tacos? Were they good? I tend to stick to the kettle corn.