Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Updates

About twenty minutes ago I was having a huge debate in my head- go to lunch or wait twenty minutes to join my normal lunch partners. Here’s how the debate was playing out in my head…. I don’t want to eat alone, but yet I’m starving and tired of working.
I solved the debate by eating a bag of Mini Oreos and typing up this blog post. Am I good or what?
Ok, I know this first paragraph is way cheesy; but really, these are the things I think about during my day. Let me just get on with the post before you move on to a new blog.

Blogger World, Friday night was the peak of my exciting weekend. Friday night I went to see Mamma Mia, the musical, with my old coworker/friend. This was my second time to see the musical and I loved it again. I believe Mamma Mia has taken the #2 spot for favorite musical of all time. It’s a big move on my list. It was listed as #3 on my favorite musical of all time.
My old coworker/friend has a new job at a very big company here in OKC. Her company was a big sponsor so we were able to buy our tickets early, which means we got to sit close. I like sitting where I can see things. I mean don’t get me wrong, nose bleed section is cool but sometimes it’s nice to see what’s happening on stage.

Well what can I say about Saturday? I guess we can say Saturday was my day of relaxing? However, I didn’t just lie around doing nothing all day. I was very productive on my Saturday. First, I spent most of my afternoon ironing. I hate ironing. Not only do I hate ironing, I suck at ironing- hence why it took me all afternoon to iron my dress shirts. If I ever have a husband, he better know how to iron. Second part of the day, was spent battling all the families at the grocery store. I went to the grocery store during the 3rd quarter of the OU game. I figured everyone would be watching the game. WRONG! Everyone in the greater OKC area must have decided to go grocery shopping during the 3rd quarter. While I was at the grocery store I decided I would be a thrifty girl and use my new online coupons. I purposely purchased certain items. These were things I had coupons for, so I assumed I would be getting a better deal. I was really proud of myself because I was going to save over $6.50. Well, I get up to the register to check out and the snot nose register boy says… “I’m sorry, we do not except online coupons.” I was beyond furious! He couldn’t have told me that before he scanned every item. OH NO! We had to say it after everything was bagged. Oh I was mad. I’m still mad. I will no longer be going to that grocery store. They have been nixed from my list!!! Sadly, that’s all Saturday entailed. Oh wait…Sister #1 and I did make ourselves a great steak dinner and watched Catch Me if You Can.

Big day! Sunday, was my first day back as a Sunday School Teacher. You are looking at the newest Sunday School Teacher for a handful of 4th graders. It was way fun! We played games for a whole hour. I beat them all.

Well there you have it, the first weekend in September. It included Abba music, ironing, fighting for groceries, and helping 4th graders learn their memory verse. You know, a normal weekend for OK Chick!


monamachel1 said...

Yeah, I don't iron. I don't even own an iron. If it is wrinkled I throw it into the dryer. If it is still wrinkled, I hang it up and wear something else. I have so many shirts I have only worn once because then it got wrinkled!!

Renee said...

I married a military guy and told him that I don't he takes his uniforms to the cleaners. great deal!

I missed my first day of Sunday School cuz I was sick. Luckily it was just Rally Day so we didn't have any lesson planned. That reminds me, I need to check in with the pastor though. ;)

I wanna see Mama Mia! I just saw an episode of World Trekkers (I think that's the name of the show on PBS) where the host goes to Sweden and she sees an Abba tribute band on a boat. It was so cool. I can't imagine anything cooler than that, unless it was meeting the real Abba.

Bone said...

I can't iron, either. It takes me like fifteen minutes on one shirt and it still doesn't look great. I think I'd have better luck sewing a whole new shirt. I guess we can never get married.

Oh man, I miss Sunday school. I used to squirt glue on my hands, let it harden, then peel it off. Did everyone do that, or was that just me?

Holly said...

What store did you go to that refused online coupons???

OK Chick said...

Renee- You would love Mamma Mia. It's a very fun show to watch, and the music is fun too!

Bone- I just ate the glue straight from the bottle. I'm kidding.

Holly- Crest. It made me sad that my favorite store hacked me off.