Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend Updates

Blogger World, the wait is over. I have found some time in my busy schedule to babble about my weekend. Brace yourself folks, because it’s getting ready to get exciting! It’s taken me two days to recover from this weekend.

Ok, so scratch the whole first paragraph of this post because zero excitement happened on Friday night. But I promise the excitement is coming. I spent my Friday night eating tomato soup and reading a book. Stop laughing! It was a good book. It was one of those books you couldn’t put down. I wanted to finish the book, which I did by the way. And in case you were wondering, the tomato soup I had was horrible. It literally was the worst soup I have ever made, and I usually make great tomato soup. I wasted three tomatoes on that soup!

Now the excitement begins. Saturday was a travel day, which meant I got to go to the airport! I love airports. My dad and I were taking a short weekend trip to….Austin, TX! The Land of the Longhorns. After a quick layover in Dallas we finally landed in Longhorn Land. Seriously, these people are serious about football. I saw more nasty orange than I have ever seen in my life!
The first order of business in Austin was to pick up our race packets. You see, my dad and I were in Austin to run a race. Would you expect anything less from us? We were running The Nike Human Race. The Nike Human Race was a race that was hosted in 25 cities around the world, with Austin being one of three US cities to host the race. Nike’s goal was to have 1 million people run a 10K in a matter of 24 hours. I believe they had 900,000 run in all 25 cities. When I read about the race I just knew I had to be involved. It sounded too fun, and Austin isn’t too far from OKC. So I signed us up for my dad’s birthday present.
After we picked up our race packet at 24 Hour Fitness, we were off to find football tickets. Yes, yours truly went to a Longhorns football game. I know! It’s such a no-no. But to be fair, I did not cheer for Texas or the other team. I basically just went into the game cheering for both sides, or not really caring. My dad and I just went because we’d never been to a home Texas football game, and we both like college football. It was a fun game and we had excellent tickets. Also, it was a start studded football game. Before the game they retired Vince Young’s number, so he was there with some of his NFL homeboys. I guess this is when I should mention that I saw my boy Matthew. It’s true, he walked right beside me at the game. NO LIE!
Day #1 of Austin was turning out to be loads of fun.

Sunday was race day, except not until 6:00pm so we had all day to explore Austin. First, we ate breakfast at a cool outdoor restaurant. Blogger World, you know I love eating outside and the food was excellent. I wish I could remember the name of the place, but I don’t.
After breakfast we drove the race course. I hate not knowing a course when I run …whether it’s 5Ks or ½ marathons. I like to know when I’m half way done. As we were driving the course I realized something…Austin has some freakin’ hills. I feel that I can safely classify these hills as small mountains. This would probably be the time that I started thinking…HOLY CRAP I CANNOT RUN 6 MILES WITH THESE MOUNTAINS!
When I'd calm down from my freak out session we parked our rental car and decided to walk around downtown Austin. You know, because running 6 miles later that night wasn’t enough for my dad. Blogger World, you think I’m A.D.D you should meet my dad. He’s 1,000 times worse than me. However, walking around ended up being fun because we got to see Ben Harper warm up for his concert. After the race Ben Harper was putting on an outdoor concert for all the runners. I’m telling you, Nike pulled out all the stops for this race.
Alright, I’ll fast forward to the race. This post is getting long and I’m tried of typing. Hang in their Blogger World I’m almost done. SO the race started at 6:00pm, but we got down there at 4:30pm. Again, my dad is super ADD-can’t sit still for anything! But it was a good thing we got down there early because 15,000 people decided the race sounded fun too. I have never run in a race with 15,000 people. It’s pretty….crowded, but in a way fun. At 6:00pm the gun was shot and 15,000 crazy runners went jogging through downtown Austin. It took my dad and I over 6 minutes to even cross the starting line. What a great race. We ran through downtown Austin, around the University of Texas campus, and ended at the capital. Hands down one of the funniest races I have ever run! I’m proud to say that I finished the race, with a decent time. I also rubbed shoulders with my boy Matthew again, along with his BFF Lance Armstrong. OK fine-I didn’t rub shoulders with them, but they ran at the race. Part of the money Nike raised from the race went to The Lance Armstrong Foundation, hence why the race was in Austin and why Lance was at the race.

We flew home. I drug home so tired that I had to take a nap. After a four hour nap it was dinner with Holly, Sister #1, and another friend. I tried out a new Rachel Ray recipe on my friends. This one turned out better than my gross tomato soup. You live and learn people!


monamachel1 said...

I was sooo excited when I saw on that they were at the same race as you!! I guess I didn't see the part where there were 15000 people there. They were in the front. I am guessing you were not in the front since it took 6 mins to cross the starting line!!
Sounds fun though.

Renee said...

Wow! You flew somewhere to run in a race...and here I would fly somewhere to NOT have to run anywhere. LOL! I'm allergic to running.

Sounds like a great weekend trip though and loads of fun. I'm guessing you didn't beat Matthew & Lance, huh? ;) Oh well maybe next time.

TC said...

That's a pretty exciting week, I must admit :) And just when I thought I'd actually had an amazing weekend... sheesh!

Scotty said...

Oooo... now I want to go to a football game.. Was it your firs time there?

OK Chick said...

TC- I'm sure your weekend was just as exciting.

Scotty- Yes, it was my first home Longhorn's game.

LB said...

I am SO jealous you got to go to Austin and even MORE jealous you got to go to a Longhorns game. I am a die hard fan and I've only been to one!

Also, enjoy your four-hour naps while you can. Those don't happen for me anymore because I have a playful counterpart who gets too bored to sit still for that long :)