Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gone fishing

Sister #1 and I are frequently asked why we are still single. People are always offering free advice to us on our dating lives. Case in point, Sister #1’s sixty-year old coworker. He recently told her about the website Plenty of Fish. Of course, we had to get on the website to check out all the fish in the sea. We needed to go fishing. Sadly, this is what we caught...

any girl want to hang out hola at me
easy going guy, good looking, love sports, very active, horoscope-scorpio. I 'd love to meet a nice girl, and good looking, with sense of humor. Interests similar to mine, to love movies,and sports.
I’m not for sure if he’s saying hello in Spanish or “hollar” at me. I’m not even for sure how to spell “hollar”, I prefer speaking in proper English. Granted it is not English at it’s finest, but you get I’m saying.

Looking for something beautiful
I feel as though at this point in my life I have so much to give and no one to share it with. I am loyal to the core and bring a smile to peoples faces.
What the crap does loyal to the core mean?

Ugly mexican seeking fun I guess
I am 6ft 2in mexican/american, shaved head, golden brown skin, mustach, brown eyes, tongue ring and 11 tattoo's. I was married but wife died in 2004 in a car crash. I have 2 kids which i love to death.
At least he’s honest.

here and gone again
Hello , Looking For a girl With a Killer Smile and about yay Tall....and if you are hung up on your X or something like that don't talk to me........
This one made Sister #1 and I laugh. As Sister #1 said…AMEN!

looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for honest woman
looking for an honest man, looking for an honest man, looking for an honest man.

hey you...ya you! *smile* let's chat :)
I am a single guy seeking a woman who is friendly, fun, honest and attractive. I prefer to get to know each other through conversation instead of an autobiography. But, I will say that I am adventurous.
Oh look out he’s adventurous! Ok all kidding aside, this one doesn’t sound sooo bad.

It takes a big ol' sack of flour..."It takes a big ol' sack of flour to make a big ol' pan of biscuits!" -Me.
WHAT! Does he want to make biscuits? Is he telling me he likes biscuits? Is it a prerequisite that I know how to make biscuits? I don’t get it.

Just looking
Single for about 6 months now and have not had time to hit the singles scene. Plus I hate trying to meet people in bars! (Even though I met my last girlfried in one) Looking for someone to have fun.
If you talk about your ex on a singles website, then you are obviously not over her!

I'm I looking 4 you whats up?
Besides not making sense, we liked this one because it is short and sweet. Who am I to judge on grammar. Anyway, he asked himself if he’s looking for you, then he’s nice enough to ask how you are doing. He seems to have manners.

are we rolling the same direction?
I'm the to laugh...take life as it comes. i shave my head as well as other areas, i have aqua blue eyes, i work out 2 times a week and do cardio everyday.
I do not even know where to start on this one. Are we rolling in the same direction? He’s the Does he reliaze that NO ONE since 1992 has used that phrase. The I’m going to say that no one is rolling in his direction. HAHA! OK, that was lame, sorry. But at least I didn’t call myself THE BOMB.COM!

STOP!!! Your search has ended
Take one giant scoop of fun, blend it with the type of humor that is goofy but hilarious, add one big heaping spoonful of sugar for the sweetness that is me and you've got me...Zebo!!!
This one is kind of cute. It’s creative, sweet, and semi-funny. It made Sister #1 and I laugh.

I guess the saying is true...there are plenty of fish in the sea. However, Sister #1 and I threw all our fish back. I guess we can hope for a better breed of fish next time.


Renee said...

Oye! Men sure do need some help when it comes to writing those ads. At least it gives us all a good laugh!

If that's what's out in the ocean, it's no wonder that you're still single.

don't worry though, I'm sure there are much better out there, it's just so hard to find them.

TC said...

For some reason, this reminds me of Spanish 1 in high school, where I (on purpose... not in a foreign language mix up) told our teacher that my best friend and I were going shopping after school... for boyfriends.

I think I liked the last one. I'd at least give him a shot since he was creative.

But otherwise... yeah, those fish were not worth keeping.

P.S. I hate the "why are you still single?" question. Anyone who asks that should have their lips sealed shut or something.

LB said...

This is rich! That's much more entertaining than wasting $8 for a movie ticket. Coincidentally, I'm spending my Saturday evening watching Iron Chef! For free!

OK Chick said...

Renee- There are much better "fish" out there. Sister #1 and I just thought some of the comments were too funny.

TC- The last one was cute. By the way, how's the cookbook? What have you cooked?

LB- I feel so honored that you think my blog is better than an $8 movie. WOW!

TC said...

I made the fudge for a party I went to last night. It was "ok." I'd give it a B. For sure not the best thing on earth, but it would satisfy a chocolate craving you know?

I have this habit of going through new cookbooks and using tabs to mark all the recipes I want to try. (Yes, I'm a bit anal in my organization.) I used a pack and a half of tabs on the cookbook.

Have you made the tapas yet?

auntlinda34 said...

just thought of a song...where oh where are you tonight? why did you leeeeeave me here all alone?? I searched the world over and thought I found true love....You met another and ****>> (whatever that sound is) you were gone.....

monamachel1 said...

I am totally going to this website. Thanks!! Are these fish only in OKC or are some of these "quality" schools also in other places??

TC said...

P.S. How is Mr. T? I haven't seen him around in awhile.

Scotty said...

Haha! I liked, 'The Bomb' the best... maybe I should use that one?

Bone said... ROFL Oh man, that's great. I'm dying over here.

Yeah, I can't stand when people ask "so why are you still single?" Why do people do that!

OK Chick said...

TC- I haven't made your tapas. I was going to print out the recipes but I seemed to have deleted them. I looked last night. I will send you another email tonight. I'm sorry I'm a goof.

I haven't had the fudge. I really like the Veggie Wraps. They are good. Also, I too went and tabbed the cookbook with Post-It notes. It's true. I went through the whole thing while sitting at the pool.

OK Chick said...

Also, Mr. T is doing lovely. I need to email him. I haven't talked to him in awhile.

TC said...

I tabbed mine while at the pool too! Ha! :) Hey, why not work on my tan while the Wisconsin weather is nice enough that I can? I didn't get it finished though, as I ran out of tabs, so I had to finish it when I got more. Oh well, it's ready and demanding my attention now!

Don't worry about it: I'll be happy to send them to you again.

And I'm glad to hear Mr. T is doing well :)