Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fun Fact

Today, Friday September 19, is Talk like a Pirate Day. For the remainder of the day, I encourage everyone to start talking like a Pirate. If you can't talk like one, then dress the part. Who knows maybe you'll end up with this guy...


Holly said...

I knew this! I saw it on a calendar at my office. So wierd.

Renee said...

Ewwwe! I wouldn't want to end up with Jack or Johnny...blech! :p

Now Orlando...yummm!

I haven't seen #3 yet, but in the end of #2 doesn't Elizabeth go for Jack?!?! I think she tied her corsette too tight!

OK Chick said...

Holly- I'm so impressed. I had no clue.

Renee- I didn't like #2 but #3 is better, not as good as #1 but good.

TC said...

I heard it on the radio bright and early this morning.

I agree with Renee about Orlando O:)

I personally can't get into the Pirates series. I think I've seen half of the first one? Maybe all of it.

P.S. I'm a fan of the new profile pic :) Of course, I'm ALWAYS a fan of foot photos of any/all varieties. Is this a pic from Florida?

Suzanne said...

alrighty matey!!

Hey, I saw your name on the list for the bible study that Tara is doing! Yea!!

Bone said...

Argh, mateys!

I actually mentioned Talk Like A Pirate Day when I invented Post Your Top Ten Most Played iTunes Day in March.

OK Chick said...

TC- thanks! I just discovered how to add that picture. Yea, I know.

Suzanne- Yes, I plan to join Tara's bible study. I was happy to see your name as well.