Monday, May 5, 2008

No shoes, no shirt, no problem

Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone! What better way to celebrate this festive holiday then with a grand post of Weekend Updates, and a side of Mexican food. HAHAHA, ahhh… ok that was a bad joke. Sorry…I’m just excited that I’m eating Mexican food today. I went to aerobics this morning so I wouldn’t feel guilty for eating lots and lots of chips and queso. What’s the use of a holiday if it’s not celebrated? Anyway, here are the highs and lows from my weekend. Mostly, it’s all highs.

Friday night I went to see Kenny Chesney and Leann Rhimes in concert. I had a great time with my friend Casie and I definitely enjoyed my May concert! Kenny and Leann put on a great show! I was impressed with how much energy they both had throughout the show. Both, Kenny and Leann ran all over the stage shaking fans hands. I didn’t get to shake their hand because I was in the top section. I did almost win a chance to meet Kenny and Leann after the show. Not really. But we sent a texted message trying to win a chance to meet both artists after the show. Sadly, they didn’t text message us back.
During the concert I decided that if I ever change careers, I need to look into the job- rock star. I’m thinking this would suit me perfect.
Another thought that went through my head…. Leann Rhimes is freakin’ hot. Of course, I mean that in the straightest possible way. But she is so ripped! Leann, honey, you are my new motivation for lifting weights. If I can get her arms from lifting weights…sign me up!

Saturday was a busy day. It just seemed like there was one thing after another. Here’s the run down…
First up, was a couples shower for our friends Anthony and Rachel. Sister #1 and I hosted the shower at our place of residence. I thought the shower turned out very nicely. Sister #1 and I made lots of yummy food, which everyone loved, and a good number of people attended. I think the Bride and Groom were satisfied with their couples shower.
Second event for Saturday was an arts festival. I love art festivals. I don’t necessarily love them for the art, though it’s fun to look. I love art festivals for the great food! Who can pass up a Funnel Cake and an Indian Taco? Well Saturday I passed on both deliciously fried foods, but normally I’m all over an Indian Taco. I went out to the arts festival to help with some Relay for Life stuff, but by the time I got there they were finished. However, I timed it perfectly because they decided to go to lunch right when I got there. So I sat and watched them eat. I finally cave and had one fried pickle. It was good.
The last fun event for Saturday was a movie. The Roommate, Sister #1, and I went to see Maid of Honor. SO CUTE! I highly recommend the movie. I stamp this movie $9.00 worthy. McDreamy is very…dreamy. So funny side note with this event. The Roommate didn’t realize movie prices had gone up to $9.00. When we sat down in our seats she asked me….when did movies go up to $9.00, good grief! It was funny because she had the same reaction I had to this distributing news.

Sunday is normally my day of rest, but not this Sunday. After church Sister #1, two friends, and I went to Choctaw, for a 5K race. The miracle in this event is Sister #1 ran a race. Sister #1 usually only runs one race a year and that would be the race my dad puts together-a.k.a the race my dad forces the entire family to run. But this year she made an expectation and joined us crazy runners for a Sunday afternoon race. I’ve run a lot of 5Ks in my life and this one was the hardest I have ever run! We ran two miles through a park and the last mile was through the woods. I thought I was in shape, but I guess I’m not when your throw mud, dirt, sticks/rocks, and a grass field into the mix. I’m an asphalt girl give me a good road and I’m happy. But everyone did well.
After the race and some church, Sista #1 and Suzy came over for a leftover fest. It was a beautiful night so we sat outside and enjoyed leftovers from the couples shower. I don’t know how you can beat a night like that!


TC said...

The first time I saw KC in concert, I paid $8 for tickets in the 7th row, just a couple of hours before the concert began. (Think Grandpa told me so and Fall in love days.) I still have the autographed t-shirt from that night... somewhere at my parents' house. He signed autographs until no one else wanted one. Oh how things change.

I saw that movie Friday night with my best friend and while it was cute... not nearly as cute as 27 dresses. I liked it, but didn't love it. I'd say it was only worth $7 ;)

OK Chick said...

$7.00. Geeez I almost paid that much for parking. Yea, times of changed.
I agree, 27 Dresses is better. But I still thought the movie was cute. I'm not going to purchase it when it comes out, but it was entertaining.