Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Mayhem

Don’t you just love March? I do. I love March for a couple reasons.

The main reason…March Madness! I LOVE the NCAA Tournament. I love filling out the bracket. I love watching all the basketball games on TV. I find the whole thing exciting!

I’ve been a fan of college basketball since I was a little kid. I guess I can thank my dad for this. When I was in elementary school my dad took Sister #1 and I downtown to watch the Razorbacks practice. That year the first round of the tournament was being held in OKC. The practices were open to the public and my dad wanted to go see the Razorbacks practice. Hey, where did you think my love for the Hogs came from? Anyway, my dad decided to take his girls downtown to show us how a real team played basketball. It was the greatest hour of my life. When Arkansas came out to practice my dad leaned over to Sister #1 and I and said, “watch this.” The words hadn’t even left his mouth before I realized what he meant. The Razorbacks did something crazy. They didn’t practice plays or do drill; they had a dunk contest. The night before the first round of the NCAA tournament and this team spent their court time goofing off with the crowd. They were dunking backwards, sideways, and over people’s backs. By the end of their practice everyone was cheering and up on their feet.

When I thought the night couldn’t get better, it did. The Razorbacks were walking off the court and heading to the locker room; when the last player in the line realized he had a basketball still in his hand. Instead of throwing the ball to the side, he threw up a backwards hook shot. Even to this day, I’ve never seen anything greater than this shot. I guess it’s great because he made the shot. As the crowd was going crazy, my dad looked down at us and smiled. He didn’t even have to tell us that the Razorbacks were going to win the whole tournament. Sister # 1 and I realized we’d just watched the Tournament Champs practice. And you know what? They won the whole tournament that year!

So for all you other bracket junkies out there…. here’s to you!


monamachel1 said...

I always do a bracket. I have for about 3 years now and give my money. I do this however without watching an actual game. I just like doing the bracket thingie!! I think I usually have Ark winning a lot!!

auntlinda34 said...

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIG SOOIE..whooooooo pig sooie......whooooooooo pig sooie!! RAZORBACKS!!!!!!

cmh said...

apparantly this isn't the year for Portland State...My bracket's ruined already :-(

I'm pretty sure Indiana will roll over the hogs.

Bone said...

Who's in your Final Four?

Don't forget. I have scores on my blog :)

TC said...

I <3 March Madness :)