Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daily Google

This morning I woke up to rain hitting my window. It’s hard to get up on rainy mornings. Why doesn’t it rain on the weekend, when I can actually sleep? This morning, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to function enough to get in the shower. Needless to say, it was a rough morning at my house. But after I got some Starbucks Non-Fat Chai in my body, I was ready for work. The first thing I do when I get to my office is turn on the radio. This morning my daily radio station was playing Blame It on the Rain. No, I'm not kidding. It took me a good 3 minutes to realize they were playing Blame It on the Rain. Hey, I hadn’t finished the Chai so I was still a little out of it! ANYWAY, the song got me thinking…. whatever happen to those guys. So naturally, I Googled Milli Vanilli because I Google everything! I thought I’d share my Daily Google with you, because I know everyone what’s to know what happen to Milli Vanilli.

First of all, I discovered that their real names are- Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan. I had no clue. I thought one’s name was Milli and one’s name was Vanilli. Actually, I hadn’t put much thought into their real names. I was like five, or maybe ten, when their songs were popular. Also, I have no idea who’s who on the real names. Why don’t we say the one on the left is Rob and the one of the right is Fabrice?

Ok, so here’s what I found out about Rob/Milli and Fabrice/Vanilli….

Rob called reporters and police to his hotel room in Los Angeles where he was threatening to kill himself.

The duo reformed again as Rob and Fab in 1993 and again, the record tanked, selling a mere 2,000 copies despite an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Rob hit the skids in earnest, entering various drug rehabs and having a string of run-ins with the law for charges such as assault. He was found dead in a Frankfurt hotel room in 1998.

Fabrice Morvan lives in New York and continues to pursue a solo career.

Blogger World, this is why I love Google!


monamachel1 said...

You should have asked me what happened to them. I watched a True Hollywood Story on E! not that long ago. It was very interesting. I'll let you know the next time it is on!!

auntlinda34 said...

ohhh I LOVED (or you would say "heart and I don't understand why..love is easier to type) but. I loved those guys or their singing or whoever was singing?? ahhh..good times!!

Bone said...

I think you are correct. Rob is the one on the left.

Oddly, I was surfing YouTube a day or two ago and looked up some of their videos. Along with some other old videos. It was like my own personal episode of Night Tracks.

Bah-ba-ba-baa, bah-ba-ba-baa baby, don't forget my number.

d.j. iverson said...

i used to turn this up full blast to make sure my room mate freshmen year didn't miss track practice. i think that practice is banned by the geneva convention now. i think i still have the tape.

OK Chick said...

Mona you are full of so much great info!

TC said...

I may now have to visit the evil iTunes store. Thanks a lot.