Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lonely No More

I feel that I should update you on my lunch partners. They are back today. However, I'm not eating with them. Nope, Guy #3 and I are going to lunch. Ha...take that lunch partners that left me high and dry for two days.

Guy #3 and I are taking a late lunch so again I am sitting here during lunch time by myself. Blogger World, you know what this means, right? Another worthless post.

Today's worthless post has to do with Michael Jackson. It's reported that MJ needs 24 million dollars to keep Neverland, and he needs the money STAT. I thought of a couple ideas to help MJ raise his money...

1. Garage Sale- who can't make a quick buck off a garage sale.
2. Plasma- when I was in college guys made date money off giving plasma. I'm sure the Plasma People would give MJ his money upfront.
3. Sale Mary Kay- MJ knows face! I bet he could all kinds of great advice.
4. Parenting Tips- he could offer advice on how kids can dress up like it's Halloween 365 days out of the year!
5. Become an aerobics instructor- I know Jazzercise is always looking for great instructors. We already use some of his songs. He could do mini-concerts while working out!

Good luck MJ!


TC said...

I, for one, am rooting for him to lose it.

Yes, yes, I remember the days when he wasn't sick and twisted but... he's a changed man. And not for the better.

(Oooh, lunch date with #3! How does boyfriend Bone feel about that?)

d.j. iverson said...
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d.j. iverson said...

somehow i deleted my comment. i think it went like:

ahhhhh yes, the days of selling plasma to pay for banquet. the trick was going far enough in advance that you didn't pass out at abuelo's or the hockey game.

OK Chick said...

DJ- I actually went to the banquet your talking about. HA! I went with good old Nigel. Ahhh memories.

TC- I agree with you, MJ is a changed man.
I think my blogger boyfriend has no feelings towards Guy #3 and I. Well unless you count him freaking out about You've Got Mail and asking me out to watch the movie with Guy #3.

auntlinda34 said...

ok the thought of a jazzercise (sp??) with MJ and RS (richard simmons) could actually be very entertaning!!
I am a Graham, I can't spell

wew..#3 guy..this is ??? like date #14???

Kara said...

How was lunch? And how is Guy #3?!

Guy #3 said...

Hey Guy #3 here....just learning of the blog thing. Clear a few things up. Fool's Gold sucked, I had no idea I was #3, and bone should have went to the movies with us. LOL.