Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lonely Lunch- Day 2

Lunch partners are still MIA. Ok, so they are not really MIA. I know where they are today. However, I'm still alone during lunch. When I realized I was alone… again, I had two options. Option #1- I could go to the mall and shop, or Option #2- Run boring errands around town. I went for Option #3…eat at work. Blogger World, today I have been the model employee- I worked through my lunch. I know! Slap on a gold star for me! Editors Note: When I say "worked through lunch" you know I mean working and eating at the same time, right? I love my job, but I'm not going to go hungry for my job.

So this model employee had a very healthy lunch. I dined on a lovely Thai Chicken prepared by the fabulous chefs of Lean Cuisine. You might have heard of them…they’re famous. It was wonderful, and it only had 4 grams of fat. I was so proud of myself. I worked during lunch, enjoyed a nice lunch, and I was healthy. Oh wait; I forgot to mention the 5 Girl Scout Cookies I had after my Lean Cuisine because I was still hungry! Who is Lean Cuisine kidding? Who in their right mind can eat one of those dainty meals and be full? I had to eat something else. It was life or death. All I had in my office was GS Cookies. I wasn’t necessarily aiming to eat 5 cookies, but once you start you can’t stop. Dang you Girl Scouts, you ruined my healthy lunch.
Editors Note: I heart the GS!

** Everyone should pray that my lunch partners return tomorrow, otherwise you are going to get another worthless post.


auntlinda34 said...

Wow I am impressed..Your dad will be also..I will make sure I tell him next time he complains about us not working!!!

Holly said...

Sorry about your doesn't look like you got too much work done. Ha.

monamachel1 said...

I had leftovers and did the crossword puzzle in the back of a People magazine. I have been eyeing them trying to decide if it is socially acceptable to do the crossword puzzles in the magazines in the breakroom since they are not my magazines. I decided today it was!!

Bone said...

Yeah, who is Lean Cuisine kidding? They make me about as full as a piece of gum.

If I have daughters, I'm going to push them to join the girl scouts, just so we'll be the first to get the cookies each year. Like even if they don't want to and they cry, I'm still gonna drive them to the meetings.

TC said...

Who is Lean Cuisine kidding? Who in their right mind can eat one of those dainty meals and be full?


I always bring something else to go with my LC when I eat them (which is pretty frequently: there are no lunch buddies at this job). I don't remember who makes 'em right now, but you can get individual frozen packets of peas and corn that microwave. I eat those and then some fruit most days with my LC.

But... I ate GS cookies for breakfast this morning so... O:)

OK Chick said...

So funny story Bone.
Sister #1 hated GS. My mom made her do it, and Sister #1 hid every week. My mom finally gave up. It wasn't worth the cookies.

OK Chick said...

Oh Holly- I accomplished muchos work. Do you like I talked Spanish to you???