Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Bone...

Today’s Birthday Blog Dedication goes out to my Blogger Boyfriend, Bone. Bone and I have been Blogger boyfriend and girlfriend for about four years, which qualifies him as my longest relationship…ever. Although, Bone and I do not act like Blogger Boyfriend and Girlfriend we do enjoy each other’s blogs. Due to Bone surviving 34 years on this planet, I thought I would help start off year number 35 with a bang. I feel that a tribute would do just the trick.

If you have never read Bone’s Blog, you really should. He’s a fabulous writer! Not only is his writing entertaining to read, he’s also an informative writer. Here are just a few of my favorite things I’ve learned from Bone….

1. A random assortment of songs. Bone ends every post with a quote from a song.
2. Male Restroom Etiquette. I had NO idea there were so many rules for the men’s restroom!
3. General Hospital. I do not watch this soap opera but Bone is a huge fan. He updates his readers on what is plotting on GH.
4. Who’s out in Blogger World. Bone has introduced me to other great writers like…. GiggleChick, Kyle, J-Mo, and my newest blogger friend TC.
5. Seinfeld. Bone loves Seinfeld. I mean the boy hearts the show. Seinfeld is actually is what brought Bone and I together. He used to post Seinfeld Trivia questions on his blog, and one lonely afternoon I answered the daily question correct. It was love at first answer. AHHHH…
6. Running Info. When I was training for my half marathon Bone was my inspiration to keep running. He would update me on his running, which would make me run farther.
7. Basketball Stats. Bone was the first to post stats on his blog. This is very handy when March Madness rolls around.
8. Beach Information. Bone is a fan of going to Florida’s finest beaches. Due to his residents being in AL he frequents the beach more often then myself. I can always count on Bone to pass along great advice for beach trips.

As you can see Bone is a very special Blogger. He is always coming up with creative ways to relate to his entourage of readers. Yes, Bone has a Blog Entourage. Seriously, I’m not joking. SO Bone, Blogger Boyfriend here’s to you- Happy Birthday!


TC said...

I always call it his blog harem... :)

I'm wondering how the sis is going to feel about your blogger boyfriend getting a dedication before she did?

auntlinda34 said...

aww..How sweet!! Happy B-day Bonz! Hope I can call you Bonz..

Bone said...

Aww, thanks, OK Chick! There's a reason I always tell everyone you're the best.

Ah yes, Seinfeld trivia. And don't forget the question game. Sigh. Oh, the memories. *sniff sniff*

I really like this blog boyfriend/girlfriend thing. There's much less pressure.

And I hope you never get stuck in the men's restroom. But if you do, at least you'll know how to behave :)

Bone said...

Happy Valentine's Day, OKC.

You and guy #3 got plans?

OK Chick said...

No we didn't do anything last night...we had class. Tonight we're going to eat.