Tuesday, September 25, 2007

This is my state....

Well, Oklahoma has done it again. We've gotten heaps of national news for something done here in the Heartland. I tell you what, we've been on national news more this year than anytime I can remember. First, it was the crazy winter we had-snow every weekend. Then, we were on the news because of all the rain. AND then we were on the news becuase of all the floods! Now we are on the news because of an angry football coach. Saturday, OSU's head football coach went crazy on a reporter at a news conference. Today, much to my surprise, when I opened MSN I found Coach Gundy on the main page. I guess MSN is behind, because this subject has been the talk of the town since Saturday night. I believe ESPN has been showing the clip for a few days as well. Yesterday another press conference was held and Mr. Gundy said he did not regret the words he said Saturday, but he did regret that he didn't take it farther. Yicks! I'd say he was mad. I'm sure we will be talking about this for the rest of football season. I'm sure America will have moved on to something else, but not Oklahoma. Here in Oklahoma we like to beat things to the ground before we move on to a new subject matter. AHHH...this is my state and I am proud!

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