Friday, September 28, 2007


I have a big weekend ahead of me. First, I'm off for a weekend trip to Arkansas. Second, well that’s all I have planed; there is no second. But the first one is huge. This Arkansas trip is not your typical- go visit the Fam trip. Oh no, I’m going to watch the Razorbacks play. I haven’t been to a Razorbacks game in 20 years. Actually, being able to say twenty years makes me feel really old. I never imagined the day when I would be able to say I went somewhere twenty years ago. Yea, I probably won’t ever use that phrase again. It kind of depresses me.

Tomorow morning (bright and early) we’re leaving for Fayetteville! We will be among thousands of fans calling the hogs. So today this post is to all the Razorback fans out there! Here’s to you, crazy hog calling folks.

Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!

Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!

Woooooooooo, Pig ! Sooie!



Bone said...

You crack me up. And I'd definitely call that a big weekend. I don't like to crowd up my weekends with more than one planned activity. One is plenty.

PS: When are you going to score me some Cowboys tickets??? I'll pay.... regular price :)

d.j. iverson said...

this made me laugh. i remember twenty years ago having to wear a razorbak on my head because my dad went to arkansas back in the day. sigh, i don't miss that at all. at least you got to go a good game!

Stacey said...

You mean "Ar-KANSAS" right? ;o)