Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Return of The Roommate

The Roommate has returned to being The Roommate. I do realize this might be somewhat confusing. I’ve been calling her The Roommate but yet she’s not being living with us for six months. I know it’s weird, but I couldn’t think of a new name for her. Did you want me to call her The ExRoommate? I felt that was harsh. Spell Check does not even acknowledge the word ExRoommate; see Spell Check thinks it’s harsh too! Since no new nickname came to mind and I didn’t want to be mean, I continued to call her The Roommate.
Editor's Note: WOW it took a paragraph to explain why I’ve been calling her The Roommate for the past six months.

A month ago Jamie and I decided to let her back into our adobe. Of course, this did not go without sleepless nights of thought. We had to take a vote, make a pros/cons list, and design a new floor plan for her new furniture. Ok, so maybe we didn’t do any of those things. Maybe… we just sent her an email saying it was cool to move back. Anyway, The Roommate has been moved in for a week, I think. Yes, it’s been about a week. It’s been delightful to have her back. If you read The Roommate’s blog you notice that she wrote a pros list on being back with us. I too would like to put up a pro list of why it’s great to have her back, so here goes….

1. After she left us she bought new furniture, all of her new furniture is now at my place! One of the new pieces is a kitchen table. I love this table. I now sit at the table when I eat, which is often. Also, it’s huge so we can stack it with lots of mail!
2. It’s great having the head of my Dating Committee so close. Right, I didn’t explain this to you guys. The Roommate and I decided that since I don’t have time to date, I need a Dating Committee. The job of the committee will be to meet guys, screen them, and then report back to me. Basically they do all the work and I just go out on the date. It’s a great concept, but we haven’t really tested it out yet. I’m surprised no one else is using the idea of a Dating Committee. You know, I should just write a book with all my great dating advice/tips!
3. My iTunes is back! When I received my iPod for Christmas The Roommate graciously allowed me to put iTunes on her computer. But then she moved and I was without iTunes. Since her arrival I have already purchased four new songs.
4. Jamie and I have another person to try out our recipes. J & I enjoy cooking, but it’s nice to have another person’s opinion.
5. The Wedding Planner. The Roommate has a great selection of DVDs. The Wedding Planner is one of my favorites. I watched it last night.
6. Walking Partner. It’s nice to have my walking partner back. We used to walk all the time. I’m excited for it to be cooler so we can walk.

Look all the great reasons why it’s nice to have her back. I would like to point out that The Roommate only has 5 Pros her list, where I have 6!


Stacey said...

You're Dating Committee almost sounds like the "Roommate Pick Your Date" my college roommates used to do (I never participated b/c I didn't trust them due to previous set up attempts). Anyway, the difference was that the roommates chose and arranged your date and you wouldn't know who it was till you got to your designated meeting location. Definately took some serious trust. But one roommate ended up marrying her it couldn't be all bad.

Krista said...

Lindsy...let's go with Stacey's idea. I can set you up on a date and you'll have no idea who it is until you get there. I'm sure you trust my judgement :) It'll be fun (for me at least). haha.

TC said...

If the dating committee works out, you'll have to start selling out her services to the rest of us. It could be huge.

Bone said...

I had no idea she was the head of your Dating Committee. You should blog more about stuff like that.

What four songs did you buy? :)