Friday, August 17, 2007

"We're all in this together"

Saturday morning I will be up and out of my house before 7:00am. I know it’s early, isn’t it? I believe God made Saturdays for sleeping in and doing yard work. I have to be honest; I haven’t slept-in on a Saturday in quite some time. I usually go to aerobics or work at the kitchen store on Saturdays. But this Saturday I’m going to run a race. This race will complete summer goal # 3. WOO HOO!

Also, tomorrow I will be going to my last musical of the summer. I’ve been looking forward to this musical for many months. Saturday night I will be watching……….
HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! Ok, I know everyone is rolling their eyes right now, but I do not care. My little sister and I are pumped to see this musical. I enjoyed the movie HSM, so I’m hoping the musical is just as entertaining.

Speaking of HSM…the second one is premiering tonight on Disney Channel. I will be attending a HSM2 Party Sunday. I’m dead serious. I’m pretty excited. Monday morning I will have a full review over HSM2.

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